3 Ways Self Service Payroll Empowers Employees and Saves Time

Posted February 20, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Self Service Payroll Options for Time and Money Savings

Self service payroll options save enough in terms of time and money to be standard practice in every office. This simple method of sharing data online at all times also affords your employees a sense of control. Unless your business hasn’t converted to computers yet, there’s literally nothing to lose and much to gain by making the switch now.

Change can be terrifying for an established company with a tried, tested routine, but progress is also needed to improve operations. It’s understandable for someone in control of complex accounts to resist giving informational access to everyone at once. The question to ask yourself if you’re worried is, “What harm would be done with this?” If you’re being reasonable, there aren’t many drawbacks to allowing employees access to their own records.

There are plenty of benefits though, including the following:

1.    Give Employees Power

There’s a certain frustration in having to ask for things that rightly should be available. Having to ask your spouse for your shared bank card, having to ask a waiter for ketchup and having to ask your employer for your pay stub can all beat you down over time. It makes you want to stop asking, soon followed by an urge to stop caring and suddenly disgruntled employees fill your halls. Give people the access they deserve to their own accounts, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in attitudes.

2.   Give Them Convenience, and Then…

Systems can be designed in several ways. Some self service payroll hubs allow employees to put in time-off requests, changes their tax withholding options and make other adjustments. Others only for allow browsing or printing of pay stubs and the like. Working alongside a knowledgeable professional, you can design the perfect payroll area for your employees.

Further, this system can be integrated into a company-wide communication network, a payroll data tracking program or complete business software. Your budget and the experience of your outsourced team can make all the difference. If you’re already operating on a shoe-string, utilizing free online features like Google Calendar can be very handy, but working with pros is a must.

3.  Save Time (and Money) Through Simple Automation

Before you throw aside the idea of self service payroll services, consider the time wasted when a manager has to track these records down for employees. The lowest paying, least experienced employee you have on staff could waste quite a bit of your senior supervisor’s time on simple requests. Let your lower-level employees find these answers for themselves and direct your higher income earners toward activities that justify their pay rates instead.

The Impact of Improved Efficiency and Smaller Budgets

“Save time and money,” is a phrase business owners often read. In more circumstances than not, those claims take the truth and stretch it to unreasonable proportions. It can be difficult to see how these simple adjustments really change your business.

Empowering your employees creates a more focused, productive and loyal workforce. More gets done. Fewer people leave. Less money has to be invested on turnover.

You also significantly increase your employer reputation, meaning people have heard good things about working with you. It may sound like a small issue, but cream of the crop graduates are leaving school only to enter jobs in other industries because companies won’t include them in their interviewing processes. Stand out as a stellar place to work by instituting self serving payroll, among other features, and you’ll have highly qualified talent trying to get in the door for pay rates they wouldn’t accept elsewhere.

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