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Category : Payroll Services - Page

    Handling Lawsuits Involving HR

    Posted by Mary McGinley on September 9, 2016

    In a $250 million class-action gender bias lawsuit filed against Merck & Company, a New Jersey federal mandate judge ordered the company to produce all employment and compensation data for all of its sales representatives that worked for the company between mid-2009 and December 1st, … Read More »

    HR Consulting Firm in Deep Trouble for Screwing up Overtime

    Posted by Mary McGinley on April 29, 2016

    The Department of Labor has cited a California-based Human Resources consulting firm and ordered them to pay $1 million in back overtime wages and damages to hundreds of employees following an investigation by the federal agency. According to the documents, the Department of Labor’s Wage … Read More »

    Why Should I Outsource HR and Payroll?

    Posted by Layne Davlin on July 1, 2015
    atlanta peo company

    This question is very easy to answer.  That’s because Professional Employment Organizations lend value in a number of high-impact ways.  Outsourcing often has a negative connotation, but in this case, outsourcing your human resources and payroll functions is a really good thing. But employee leasing … Read More »

    The 4 Best Tools for Company Payroll Services for Your Business

    Posted by Layne Davlin on February 23, 2015
    company payroll services

    Do you invest in the latest and greatest company payroll services? Company payroll services encompass many functions, and several tools are capable of handling each one. As a business owner with many hats to wear, it can be next-to-impossible to keep up to date on … Read More »

    Do You Have an Effective Pay by Payroll Program in Place? 3 Questions to Ask to Get the Answer You Need

    Posted by Layne Davlin on January 21, 2015
    pay by payroll

    Who should switch to pay by payroll? Worker’s compensation coverage isn’t cheap, but using a pay by payroll program helps balance your budget effectively. Monthly or yearly payments introduce accounting errors many businesses can’t weather alone. New systems can help. Before ignoring these helpful new … Read More »

    Is Your Small Business Payroll Tax Software Set Up to Handle the Changes in 2015? Here’s How to Find Out

    Posted by Layne Davlin on January 13, 2015
    small business payroll tax software

    What do you need in small business payroll tax software for 2015? Small business payroll tax software can help cut expenses, prevent penalties, and create efficient office practices. The question is, is the software you’re using ready to tackle 2015? Look for the following when … Read More »

    How Can Small Business Payroll Services Change Your Bottom Line? Find Out

    Posted by Layne Davlin on December 3, 2014
    small business payroll services

    Why are small business payroll services being ignored? Starting a company and having the knowledge to handle small business payroll services are two different things. You’re great at what you do, so maximize the impact you can make by hiring out jobs better suited to … Read More »

    Truths about Payroll Accounting Software Your Accountant Won’t Tell You

    Posted by Layne Davlin on November 25, 2014
    payroll accounting software duluth ga

    What will payroll accounting software really cost you? Payroll accounting software can help you balance your books, but there are a few drawbacks. Sometimes it’s better to hire out your accounting to someone else and instead focus your own energy on ways you can make … Read More »

    6 Misconceptions about Payroll Service Companies

    Posted by Layne Davlin on November 21, 2014
    payroll service companies marietta ga

    What’s keeping you from using payroll service companies? Payroll service companies can help businesses in many ways, but would-be clients often miss out due to misconceptions. Owners assume the services will be too expensive or believe they don’t have much to offer or that they’ll … Read More »

    10 Tools Available from Payday Payroll Services

    Posted by Layne Davlin on November 13, 2014
    payday payroll services

    What features are essential for payday payroll services? All payday payroll services aren’t created equally, but they differ so much from one another it can feel like you’re comparing apples to oranges. Consider the following must-have tools when deciding which solution is best for your … Read More »

    5 Signs You Should Invest in Corporate Payroll Services

    Posted by Layne Davlin on November 5, 2014
    corporate payroll services atlanta

    Do you know when to hire out corporate payroll services? According to Accounting Today, most businesses could benefit from corporate payroll services due to the number of common accounting mistakes that land owners in hot water. In 2010, the IRS launched the Employment Tax Research … Read More »

    3 Custom Payroll Services Paybacks

    Posted by Layne Davlin on October 3, 2014
    custom payroll services atlanta

    Is it easier to collect over-payments with help from custom payroll services? Your custom payroll services can make it easy to collect over-payments, whether employees want to do the right thing or not. Automation goes a long way in helping a worker give back what … Read More »

    Four Reasons Why Small Business Payroll Software is Your Best Friend

    Posted by Layne Davlin on September 29, 2014
    small business payroll software Sandy Springs GA

    How can small business payroll software help manage your first employees? Small business payroll software may seem like a luxury, but did you know the IRS doled out nearly 7 million penalties last year for late or incorrect payroll tax payments? Avoid hefty fines and … Read More »

    How the Best Payroll Website Can Change the Way You Manage Payroll Services

    Posted by Layne Davlin on September 11, 2014
    best payroll website Atlanta

    What will the best payroll website do for your company practices? The best payroll website can tap into state-of-the-art technology to boost your bottom line. Financial focus isn’t lost when it comes to HR outsourcing. Moving payroll offsite is a game changer for many companies, … Read More »

    5 Ways Payroll Software Programs Will Impact Your Business

    Posted by Layne Davlin on August 18, 2014
    atlanta payroll software programs

    How can payroll software programs make your job faster and easier? Payroll software programs go the extra mile when it comes to simplifying business tasks. From the moment you hire new employees until their last day on the job, you can save time and headaches … Read More »

    Do You Need a Payroll Service Company? Read This to Find Out

    Posted by Layne Davlin on August 7, 2014
    atlanta payroll service company

    How can a payroll service company pay for itself? The purpose of a payroll service company, essentially, is to improve your bottom line. There are a number of ways they help you earn – and save – more than you would without their help. Most … Read More »

    SIX Facts You Need to Know About Payroll Tax Software

    Posted by Layne Davlin on July 29, 2014
    atlanta payroll tax software

    Which payroll tax software is best for your business? Analyzing different payroll tax software programs can be nerve-wracking. There may very well be features you will fail to realize you need until problems arise. Others have more options that you will not use compared to … Read More »

    Secret Techniques Used by Your Payroll Processing Company

    Posted by Layne Davlin on July 1, 2014
    atlanta payroll processing company

    How does your payroll processing company protect your interests? Your payroll processing company has the responsibility of balancing your employee taxes ; but with businesses being fined each year for late or incorrect payments, it is clear that many processors are not doing the job … Read More »

    How a Self Service Payroll System Will Save You Time and Resources

    Posted by Layne Davlin on June 2, 2014
    atlanta self service payroll system

    How much time and money does a self service payroll system really save? Studies have shown that portals like self-service payroll cut HR tasks by up to 50 percent and regularly reach ROI within 3 years of their adoption. The time and financial savings of … Read More »

    The ABC’s of Pay by Payroll Programs in Your Worker’s Compensation

    Posted by Layne Davlin on May 27, 2014
    Atlanta Payroll Programs

    Pay worker’s compensation premiums correctly and consistently. Worker’s compensation premiums are a necessary evil. They ensure you meet the federal guidelines for running a business, as well as provide an important service for your employees. If you make a payment mistake it can mean leaving … Read More »

    Afraid of Self-Service Payroll Systems? 3 Reasons It’s Not as Scary as You Think

    Posted by Layne Davlin on May 22, 2014
    Atlanta Self-Service Payroll Systems

    The benefits of self-service payroll far outweigh the risks. One of the latest services touted by PEO’s is self-service payroll systems, particularly web-based time clocks employees control on their own. Skip the paper punch systems of the past you need to enter into a system. … Read More »

    Why Web Payroll is One of the Best Payroll Solutions for Your Business

    Posted by Layne Davlin on May 1, 2014
    best payroll solutions atlanta

    Payroll Solutions Your Employees Will Love Problematic payroll solutions can cause big headaches for you and your employees. They create delays in payment and paperwork deliveries, interrupt benefits and sometimes leave your staff without the support they need. The people who earn your business money … Read More »

    5 Reasons to Engage an Automated Payroll Service

    Posted by Layne Davlin on April 10, 2014
    Atlanta automated payroll service

    How does an automated payroll service deliver both savings and convenience? There’s no question that an automated payroll services offers companies big benefits. Figuring out how the service will best serve you is the first step in putting this easy-to-access resource to use. Consider the … Read More »

    Taking Your Payroll Service Online Can Reduce Your HR Costs

    Posted by Layne Davlin on April 2, 2014
    payroll service online Atlanta

    What savings can you get from moving your payroll service online? Moving your payroll service online helps you speed up operations, avoid expensive mistakes and take advantage of the latest resources for pennies on the dollar. It also moves a major headache out of your … Read More »

    Payroll Getting You Down? 3 Ways Online Payroll Processing Can Help

    Posted by Layne Davlin on March 26, 2014
    online payroll processing Atlanta

    Passing the Buck to Online Payroll Processing Online payroll processing gives business owners the break they need to breathe easy and focus on what earns them money. Ensure your employers are well-looked after by using a reliable online business dedicated to tracking and delivering payments … Read More »

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