How the Best Payroll Website Can Change the Way You Manage Payroll Services

Posted September 11, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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What will the best payroll website do for your company practices?

The best payroll website can tap into state-of-the-art technology to boost your bottom line. Financial focus isn’t lost when it comes to HR outsourcing. Moving payroll offsite is a game changer for many companies, mainly because on-site resources can be focused on earning income while a specialist team takes care of essential paperwork elsewhere. In order to get the most benefit from your payroll website, make sure it has the following features:


Even with the switch to online business, most small businesses aren’t taking full advantage of the technology available to them. By ignoring websites, social media accounts, and online services like cloud-based payroll platforms, these business owners are holding themselves back. Don’t be one of them.

Did you know that 49 percent of SMBs don’t even use accounting software? These businesses account for over half of the jobs available in the United States, and they’re doing payroll in the least efficient, most resource-heavy method possible.

Tapping into technology can revitalize the way you do business. Once one system has moved online, other systems are likely to follow. You can be part of the 52 percent of SMBs with a website or among the one in 10 using social media platforms. With over 75 million Americans doing business online—including those shopping locally—it’s imperative that you take these steps, and adopting an online payroll system is a great way to get the ball rolling.


While searching for the best payroll website, make sure you’re looking for the one providing the most access. Why force employees to stay late at the office when you can set up a system they can use from home? Better yet, look for platforms with smartphone and tablet compatibility, so whether you’re in the office or at a convention halfway across the country, you take care of your responsibilities or handle payroll problems immediately. When nearly 70 percent of Americans have smartphones, doesn’t make sense to ignore these devices as a business tool.


Even the best payroll website experiences occasional problems, and sometimes an employee makes a mistake you need help to fix. Ensure the security of your payroll data by working with a system with excellent customer service. Who will help you if there’s a problem? How and when can they be reached? How much will support cost? How can you guarantee you can use your payroll software when it’s really needed? You can eliminate worries from day one by choosing a system with extensive support options.

Comprehensive Services

Payroll incorporates many different aspects of HR recordkeeping, from hours worked to regular disbursements and benefits management. It can be overwhelming, particularly at the end of the quarter when taxes are due. If there’s one element the best payroll website has, it’s comprehensive payroll tax accounting. Your outsourcing company should be the one to communicate with the government on your behalf, and they should be willing to cover financial penalties arising from any mistakes they might make on your behalf.

There are many different ways of keeping track of income. Nearly half of all small businesses are still doing things by hand, resulting in hundreds of wasted man-hours during the year, as well as a higher risk of human-related errors. Solve the problem by investing in smart business solutions with Einstein HR.

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