Do You Need a Payroll Service Company? Read This to Find Out

Posted August 7, 2014 by Layne Davlin
atlanta payroll service company

How can a payroll service company pay for itself?

The purpose of a payroll service company, essentially, is to improve your bottom line. There are a number of ways they help you earn – and save – more than you would without their help. Most business owners who don’t take advantage of such a service don’t realize how much these companies do for you.

Practical Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Most people have practical objections to outsourcing work. Affordability is a major factor. Most business owners still consider payroll services to be an additional expense they’d spend less on by doing on their own. Is this true for your business?

In reality, you may not be aware of all of the tasks that a payroll service can handle, and taking the load off your company’s shoulders may be a smarter financial decision than you realize. Here’s a quick rundown of the services Einstein HR provides:

  • Nationwide Tax Pay & File – Did you know that nearly half of all small and medium businesses end up paying penalties due to missed payroll tax deadlines? According to the IRS, a whopping 46 percent of businesses aren’t adequately prepared to handle their obligations, and it takes a bite out of their income. The average penalty runs $846. When you use Einstein HR’s nationwide payroll tax payment service, we guarantee a smooth transaction or they will pay your fines on your behalf. How often can you get a guarantee like that from a business partner?
  • Payroll Administration Services – This truly runs the gamut, from employee information and benefit management to attendance and time tracking. Get a customized solution for your business without breaking the bank. What else could your team invest its time in, if payroll administration tasks were covered?
  • Payroll Employee Self Service – Need help managing the miniscule tasks overwhelming your HR department? Have you been hearing complaints about simple tasks taking your assistants too long to handle? Consider automating these processes and handing the responsibilities for many small items over to your employees. How much more efficient would your HR department be if they were not bogged down by small, tedious tasks?
  • Payroll Connection On Site Software – Do you need a tighter hold on your payroll platform? Do you need someone to process it for you? Keep the meat and potatoes of your work onsite, and ship your data to Einstein HR for the rest. Working together, we can help you ensure you meet all your legal obligations.
  • Einstein HR Online Web Based Payroll – Simplify common payroll tasks with software wizards capable of helping you enroll new employees, change benefits or manage time off. How much more could your business grow if you could reallocate the resources you currently use to process payroll?

Get as little or as much help as you need with a payroll service that you will find to be second to none. We go the extra mile to provide customized plans. Save money and maximize your investments by getting the help necessary to get payroll right.

Download our free whitepaper on PEO or contact us to find out why Einstein HR is a top performing payroll service company.