Why Web Payroll is One of the Best Payroll Solutions for Your Business

Posted May 1, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Payroll Solutions Your Employees Will Love

Problematic payroll solutions can cause big headaches for you and your employees. They create delays in payment and paperwork deliveries, interrupt benefits and sometimes leave your staff without the support they need. The people who earn your business money should be top priority, so make sure you invest in a program you can count on to provide them with financial security.

Best Payroll Solutions for You and Your Staff

A web payroll program needs to work for employers as well as employees. Setup should be simple. Automation and integration save time. (Pre-audits can save your business.) These are the core traits of an employer-friendly payroll system.

What about employees? What do they value? Help your workers feel in control by using a setup with a user-friendly interface. Navigating the system should be very easy. Make it possible for workers to check their paystubs, put in change of address forms or request direct deposits without involving a middleman – or several.

How Web Payroll Benefits Your Business

The goal of investing in new resources is raising profits, and web payroll plans can do this many ways. Firstly, they save time. Many programs have set-up wizards, helpful in creating new employee accounts in just minutes. Once established, they’re set on auto-pilot, and each payday, all deductions are made or removed before a check is cut.

This helps keep your accounting free of human error. Taxes are handled correctly, as well as benefits and any automatic payments coming out of your employees’ pay. You don’t have to worry about running into problems with the revenue service or with your insurers because of lapsed deadlines, and you don’t have to worry about your employees getting angry enough to quit.

Few things infuriate workers like problems involving paychecks. This is especially true when payment snafus interfere with legal obligations, like child support. Keeping employees happy isn’t just an additional benefit, however. Companies able of keeping their workers feeling good see impressive boardroom results.

Putting Your Payroll Solutions to Work

Changing how you process payroll can mean a massive overhaul. It’s an excellent time to revisit with employees about their benefits, their tax preferences, direct deposits and other elements known to change throughout the years. Further, taking this step is essential to keeping people happy.

Human beings are creatures of habit. They don’t appreciate change. Show them how these changes improve their lives in order to win employees over to a new way of operating.

Choose a web-based platform you can easily update so moving your staff’s information over won’t take months of your time. Look for programs allowing integration with popular software programs, and look for those offering interaction.

If your workers have to log in to finalize account creation, for instance, they’re more likely to take a look around the program. Providing ways for them to impact their own accounts – versus wait on someone from administration or accounting to do it for them – will help your staffers feel empowered.

Finally, work with a trustworthy system. Listen to the experiences of other customers. Take concerns and praise seriously. Business owners don’t mess around with payroll. They won’t recommend a service unless it works well.

Keeping your employees happy is one of the toughest jobs involved in running a company. With our culture’s “customer first” approach to business, it’s easy to push the concerns of your staff aside. Resist the urge. Don’t make this mistake, especially when it comes to pay and benefits. A reliable, easy-to-use payroll system goes a long way in helping people feel appreciated and fulfilled.

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