Taking Your Payroll Service Online Can Reduce Your HR Costs

Posted April 2, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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What savings can you get from moving your payroll service online?

Moving your payroll service online helps you speed up operations, avoid expensive mistakes and take advantage of the latest resources for pennies on the dollar. It also moves a major headache out of your office and away from gossip. Because online payroll can be tailored to any setup, it pays to check out how you can use HR outsourcing for your business.

Save on Payroll Accounting Software

Payroll software can do a little or a lot based on your needs and your budget. The most advance programs integrate into popular business software suites, and seamlessly apply state, federal and company policies to each and every employee on record. They’re also incredibly expensive.

Make compliance automatic, run data audits and ensure your accounting is correct and up-to-date by tapping into the latest and greatest programs available. When you outsource payroll, even in a limited fashion, you can take advantage of these kinds of resources you could never afford on your own.

Save with Faster Processing Times

By moving your payroll online, you have the ability to automate or allow employees to handle common tasks. Utilizing top-rate software, you’ll find the time it takes for HR to manage payroll responsibilities is dramatically reduced. The savings on labor alone are more than worth the investment.

In having shorter processing times, though, you also increase productivity and worker stress. No one enjoys having their time wasted on simple requests when significant tasks are waiting. Improve efficiency across the board by allowing your HR team to focus on essential tasks requiring their expertise.

Save by Preventing Costly Errors

Depending on the size of your business, the benefits you offer and the industry you’re in, there will be many policies you need to follow in terms of appropriate payroll accounting. A simple mistake could lead to hefty consequences. The more you rely on people to process these tasks, the bigger the risk you take. Automation and software integration can reduce your liability in a big way.

You can set your payroll software to keep dibs on state and federal regulations, industry-specific concerns and your company’s unique policies. If you aren’t sure of the best way to set up this kind of system, the online payroll professionals at Einstein can help you. They’ve been working with businesses across a full range of industries to streamline and automate their HR responsibilities.

Saving Peace of Mind

Office gossip is often a way of life, and nothing gets the rumor mill churning like payroll issues. Take those troubles out of house so any problems you deal with don’t create lasting rifts among staff. Ensure salary differences stay private, along with any garnishments affecting staff. Prevent petty arguments, improve efficiency, lower liability and cut your budget with a simple switch to online HR assistance.

Talk with someone at Einstein about moving your payroll service online today.