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Can You Lower Your Health Insurance Costs By Outsourcing HR?

Can You Lower Your Health Insurance Costs By Outsourcing HR?


A growing trend among companies of all sizes is to outsource their Human Resources needs to companies like Einstein HR. This is because PEOs and other HR outsourcing companies have plenty of experience in the industry and can provide high quality services for a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR team.

At Einstein HR, our consultants can provide your company with both group and individual health insurance programs at competitive rates. Since PEOs like us service many different companies with a host of employees, the cost of benefits is spread out over a larger pool, giving your employees these same high-tier benefits for less than it would cost you to provide them by yourself.

Expect Variety and Quality With Einstein HR’s Health Insurance Policies

No matter where your company is located, Einstein HR can help provide group and individual health coverage. Our nationwide services come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Flexible plans to meet different needs
  • 15 different name-brand insurance carriers
  • Pre-tax savings via Section 125
  • Handling of payroll deductions and remittance

When dealing with the ever-changing climate of health insurance provision, the various local and federal regulations can be confusing. At Einstein HR, we use our decades of experience and expertise to ensure that your company is in compliance with all applicable laws. This includes making sure that you are providing the health insurance needs mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Outsourcing Your HR Needs Saves You Time

Running a business is time-consuming. There are seemingly endless matters for owners to deal with and think about, and piling health insurance and other HR necessities onto that heap of information can make an owner’s life miserable.

When you outsource your HR needs to Einstein HR, we handle all of those worries so that you do not have to think about them. Instead, you can spend time dealing with the true issues surrounding your company: things like how to attract new clients or how to increase your profit margin.

While you handle the job of growing your business, we can handle a full range of HR needs, such as the following.

Payroll Management

Our payroll management system includes the handling of pay, direct depositing of employee checks, managing wage garnishment, and more.

Benefits Administration

We offer an across-the-board service for employee benefit administration, including installation of software, orientation, and post-benefit assistance. Plus, having Einstein HR handle your employee benefits package means that your employees will have access to better benefits at a lower cost.

Employee Recruitment

Einstein HR works with you to attract top-tier recruits to your business. This is often aided by having the better benefits packages and better health insurance that Einstein HR can provide your employees.

New Hire Services

Once your top recruits have joined the team, you need a good onboarding and new hire system to help acclimate them to the workplace. Einstein HR can help with services like the creation of employee manuals and handbooks, training seminars, and more.

Manage Your Company’s Health Insurance and HR Needs Online

One of the benefits of using Einstein HR to fulfill your company’s HR needs is our state-of-the-art online portals for easy access to important information. We offer software that can be used by both you and your employees.

Our Cutting-Edge HR Online System

Both employers and employees can use our HR Online system to access company news, information about benefits, payroll data, and more. As an employer, you also can track important information via customizable search fields.

Quick Access Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self-Service hubs are online portals that allow your employees quick access to their personal information, including schedules, payments, and benefits.

Einstein HR Connection Onsite Payroll Software

Another example of our specialized software is the Einstein HR Connection Onsite Payroll Software, which allows you to enter, screen, check, and send your payroll information to Einstein HR for processing.

Ease Your Burden By Outsourcing Your HR Needs

Though all businesses can benefit from outsourcing their HR services, the method is particularly crucial for companies that are small-to-mid-sized. This includes companies with anywhere from five to 100 employees. However, Einstein HR has helped businesses with as many as 500 employees as well.

When you outsource your HR needs, you free up your own time to focus on the important aspects of the day-to-day running of your company. You also save money by not having to hire an in-house HR team and by using the HR outsourcing company to provide high-quality benefits to your employees at a reduced cost. Plus, with Einstein HR’s online software systems, managing your HR services has never been easier.

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