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HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Rochester, NY

HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Rochester, NY


In the modern era, hiring a permanent, full-time staff to handle your company’s human resources needs can be cost-prohibitive and may take time away from more central issues within your business. One of the main ways that businesses have begun to mitigate this problem is by outsourcing their HR services to organizations like Einstein HR. Not only does this help business owners provide necessary services to their employees, but outsourcing has the added benefits of clearing employers’ schedules, saving money, and improving the overall outlook of the client business.

Outsourcing HR needs is not a new trend, but it is becoming increasingly common among businesses due to its effectiveness. According to one of the largest associations of HR outsourcing firms, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, the HR outsourcing industry has grown at a rate almost 14 times higher than the rate of the national economy in the past decade.

Services I Can Outsource to Einstein HR

If you are a business owner or employer in the Rochester, NY area, Einstein HR can provide a wide range of accounting and HR services to you and your employees. Unlike other Rochester HR outsourcing firms, we offer both a comprehensive HR outsourcing package and an a la carte choice so that owners like yourself always pay for exactly the services they need. Some of our key HR services are included below.

New Hire Assistance

Our recruitment experts can help you find, interview, train, and onboard top talent in key areas. New hire services that we provide include legal document kits for ease of use, onboarding materials like employee handbooks, and orientation into the prospective employee’s applicable benefits system. Ensuring that employees know what to expect from your business is key to keeping talent for longer.

Unemployment Issues

Fraudulent unemployment claims can become costly, and even accurate claims can be difficult to manage. Our unemployment management team helps you deal with and assess each claim, audit current charges for any errors, and are available through a toll-free support line. If you have questions regarding state and federal labor laws, our experts can help.


A major factor in a company’s long-term viability is its ability to understand and comply with legal requirements. Unfortunately, these requirements are numerous and may take away from an employer’s time that could be spent growing a clientele, attracting investors, and managing production. Let Einstein HR handle your company’s statutory compliance so that you can focus on more immediate tasks.

Other Ways Einstein HR Helps My Business

As veterans of the HR world, Einstein HR can assist Rochester companies in even more ways than just straightforward, comprehensive outsourcing. Having the ability to change the way we work with your company means that we can fit your needs better than other HR outsourcing firms.

PEO Services

Einstein HR also operates as a Rochester professional employer organization, or PEO. Under this arrangement, we become co-employers of your employees. But don’t worry: you do not lose any powers over your company and are still in control of hiring/firing decisions and the direction of your business. As a co-employer, we simply are able to provide services normally reserved only for employers, such as finding employee benefits packages at a much lower individual cost than most companies are able to provide.

Small Business Payroll Management

As experts in the HR arena, we have worked with many companies and handled many different payroll setups. Since new and small business owners in Rochester may have difficulty with the mountains of paperwork that come with payroll matters, Einstein HR offers small business payroll management services in Rochester to meet those needs.

Einstein HR Is Good for Business

Founded by industry experts with decades of experience handling HR services, Einstein HR can meet the needs of companies in virtually every industry. We have handled services for companies in the following areas, as well as others:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Law

No matter what your business entails, Einstein HR can provide outsourced human resource services to save you money, time, and energy.

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At Einstein HR, we understand that your time as a business owner is limited. There are many demands on your attention and wallet. That is why we offer a FREE quote on our services. Whether you need us to take on the role of a complete HR department or simply come alongside your existing staff to handle a few key services, get in touch with us today to start the process.

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