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Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Birmingham, AL

Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Birmingham, AL


Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of the American economy. Having a strong economy depends upon society’s ability to boost the middle class into business ownership. However, most owners do not start their companies relishing the thought of handling the mountains of paperwork and spreadsheets that come along with payroll management. Luckily, Einstein HR can step in to help.

As a small business payroll company in Birmingham, Einstein HR can help new and small business owners in a variety of ways. Working with us is often significantly cheaper than hiring a permanent, full-time human resources staff to cover these services, and we come with decades of experience under our belts. Not only that, outsourcing your human resources services to Einstein HR can free up your time to deal with more important matters like building a client base, overseeing production, strategizing business growth, and more.

Ways to Manage Payroll

Einstein HR is flexible and offers a plethora of services to business owners. For example, rather than taking over the full payroll management duties of the company, Einstein HR also provides software for more hands-on employers who desire to manage their own paperwork. The EinsteinHR Connection software allows you to access and manage payroll information remotely, auto-pay employees, separate tasks with color-coding, build new hire payrolls through a guided screen template, and more.

For employers who do not wish to do their own payroll management, Einstein HR can provide even more services.

General Administration

Our payroll administration services cover all aspects of payroll issues. We can help keep track of vacation and sick days, manage paid time off, handle Certified Payrolls and Davis-Bacon systems to save hours of strenuous work, offer payroll ledger interface, perform job costing, customized and standard online payroll, and more.

Nationwide Tax Pay and File

Understanding tax law can be burdensome and difficult for a small business owner already handling the numerous other tasks that come with running a business. Einstein HR provides nationwide tax pay and file services to ease this burden on employers. These services include auto-pay for federal taxes, year-end payroll filing, unemployment liabilities, Birmingham and state tax liabilities, and memo services to remind hands-on employers of their responsibilities.

Employee Self-Service Portals

Having online portals that are easily accessible to employees can help business owners cut back on administrative services. Through Einstein HR’s ESS portals, employees can retrieve information about their pay-stubs and W-2 forms themselves, reducing the work of you, the employer. They can check out their vacation and PTO hours, download important company forms, print off payment information, track time for projects, and more.

Other Ways That Einstein HR Can Help

Einstein HR can do more than simply providing payroll services to Birmingham small businesses. We also connect with businesses through the co-employment arrangement as a Birmingham PEO company. This can allow smaller businesses to compete with larger corporations by providing better benefits at a lower individual cost as well as keeping the company running as smoothly as possible. Employers retain control over their business in the co-employment relationship, still have the final say in hiring and firing decisions, and take charge over the direction of their business. Plus, hiring a PEO can be more affordable for new and small business owners than paying wages to a full-time HR staff.

The Prevalence of HR Outsourcing

Since 2008, the HR outsourcing industry has grown at a rate much faster than the overall United States economy, according to information from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations. In fact, 15 percent of business with between ten and 99 employees make use of PEOs and human resources outsourcing firms like Einstein HR. In such a large pool, it can be difficult to stand out, but Einstein HR has the credentials.

Founded by veterans of the industry, we have achieved a coveted spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing American businesses. We provide our services with the client business owner in mind, offering both complete HR outsourcing services and a la carte services so that owners can select the exact services that they need.

Let Einstein HR Handle Your Small Business Payroll Needs

As a small business owner, you have many more important issues to deal with than sifting through boring paperwork all day. No doubt you would much rather prefer to focus on attracting top-tier employees, ensuring product and service quality, marketing your company, and more. Let Einstein HR help you handle your HR and accounting needs.

We offer prospective client business owners a FREE quote on our services with no obligation. Call us today at 770-962-1700, or fill out the form on our contact page. You can expect to hear back from one of our representatives within 48 hours of reaching out. We are excited to help you flourish as a small business entrepreneur!

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