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What Is the Purpose of an Employee Handbook?

What Is the Purpose of an Employee Handbook?


Employees are the backbone of every business in America. To ensure that employees understand their job descriptions, their behavioral expectations, the pay structure of your company, and other crucial aspects of your business culture, it is vital that every company has an employee handbook that answers these questions. Though the creation of such a handbook is usually the prerogative of a company’s human resources department, many businesses do not have the resources to provide these services or hire a full-time HR staff.

Einstein HR is here to fix that problem. Rather than trying to handle the development of an adequate employee handbook by yourself, let Einstein HR help. We have decades of experience handling all HR matters for companies in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Construction Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Aerospace

No matter the situation of your business, Einstein HR can develop employee handbooks that provide key information for all the issues that apply to your employees. We know exactly what an employee handbook should include.

Reasons to Outsource My Company’s Employee Handbooks

Some business owners may wish to create their own handbooks or have a permanent, in-house HR staff work on the issue. However, outsourcing such matters can cost much less than the salaries of a full-time staff. Typically, HR outsourcing firms and professional employer organizations like Einstein HR charge client business owners in one of two ways, either of which can be much less expensive than paying for a full-time staff:

  • Flat Rate Per Employee: for companies with a low number of employees or staff members on high wages, a good option is to pay a flat monthly rate per each employee
  • Percentage of Payroll: if your business hires a lot of workers at relatively low wages, a better option might be to pay a PEO or HR outsourcing firm a percentage of your total payroll rather than a per-employee charge

Expertise Abides in HR Outsourcing Firms

Another common reason for hiring an HR outsourcing firm like Einstein HR is that we have decades of combined expertise in these matters. When developing something as important as an employee handbook, which will dictate to employees how your company works and what is expected of them, you want to make sure that you have seasoned minds behind your handbook. This way, you can rest assured that you are in compliance with all applicable federal and state labor laws and that your employees are being cared for by people with years of experience.

Employee Handbooks Dictate Policies and Procedures

One reason that employee handbooks are so important is that they frame the way that employees are supposed to behave in various situations. The policies and procedures dictated in employee handbooks govern how certain events are handled, explain the process, can protect employees from harm, and can protect employers from potential lawsuits.

An example of this is sexual harassment policies. Einstein HR can help you create a sexual harassment policy that forms clear guidelines for employees and shows how possible complaints will be handled according to federal and local laws.

As another example, consider active shooter protocols. Many employers may not think about this issue, but unfortunately, it is becoming a much-discussed issue in the present age. Having a concise, well prepared active shooter protocol in place literally can save the lives of your employees in such tragic situations.

Employee Handbooks Delineate the Rights of Employers and Employees

To keep your business functioning efficiently, it is best to have employees understand their obligations and rights. This can keep you and your workers on the same page regarding the services you must provide and the work output they are expected to perform. Some of the rights covered in most employee handbooks may include:

Get Einstein HR to Develop an Employee Handbook Today

Einstein HR understands that many employers may not have the time or energy to develop a comprehensive employee handbook by themselves. We also know that many small and new business owners lack the finances to hire a full-time staff for these HR matters. That is why we are passionate about providing HR outsourcing solutions to clients in need.

Since we respect your time and wallet, we provide our prospective clients with a 100% FREE quote on our services. We also allow clients to select our HR services in an a la carte fashion. In other words, if you do not require full-scale HR services but do need help with an employee handbook, you may pay for exactly the services that you need.

To get your free quote and start the process of joining up with Einstein HR, call us today at 770-962-1700. You also can fill out the form on our contact page and one of our representatives will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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