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What Should a Staff Handbook for New Employees Include?

What Should a Staff Handbook for New Employees Include?


Part of having a successful business is hiring the right people. Coupled with that, however, is the need to have a seamless onboarding process complete with staff handbooks for new employees. In this way, new hires can understand the culture of the company, their own obligations, policies in the working environment, and the way they can expect their new employer to act.

EinsteinHR is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides outsourced human resources services to companies in need. Backed by decades of industry experience, we can help to ensure that your business creates a staff handbook with all of the crucial elements.

Outsourcing HR needs is no uncommon matter. In fact, information from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations shows that employment in the PEO world is growing at a rate roughly 14 times higher than the annual growth rate of employment in the overall United States economy. If you are a business owner, consider outsourcing your HR needs to EinsteinHR, such as developing new employee handbooks.

A Staff Handbook Should Include Employee Obligations and Benefits

In order for an employee to be successful, they should know what is expected of them by the business owner or employer. Job descriptions should be as clear and concise as possible, making them easy for employees to read.

On the flip side, it is a good idea to include the perks of working at your business as well. Employee benefits packages, sick days, PTO policies, and similar items should be spelled out in the staff handbook so that new hires know exactly what they can expect when they start working at their new company.

A Staff Handbook Should Include Company Policies and Procedures

An equally important issue that should be addressed in a staff handbook for new employees is the expectation of workplace behavior. For instance, EinsteinHR can help client companies create sexual harassment policies. Making these issues up front and center in a new hire handbook both lowers the rate of harassment and lowers the risk of a lawsuit on the part of the employer.

Policies for Specific Circumstances

Depending on a company’s industry, location, surrounding environment, and other factors, some rarer policies may need to be included in a new hire handbook. One example is that companies in areas fraught with geologic fault lines may want to have clear earthquake policies. Alternatively, certain companies may want to have an active shooter protocol in place to protect their employees.

Whatever the specific needs of your company, EinsteinHR can help craft a policy that will protect your employees, make procedures clear, and insulate you from liability and risk as a business owner.

A Staff Handbook Should Include Employer Obligations and Employee Rights

Letting your employees know about their expected work output and adherence to company policy is only one part of the staff handbook equation. It is also important to spell out the company’s legal obligations to its employees to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, employee turnover, and time-consuming lawsuits.

As a PEO and HR outsourcing authority, EinsteinHR understands the local, state, and federal labor regulations that dictate an employer’s responsibility to its employees. We can assist client business owners by creating staff handbooks that address issues like:

  • The handling of workers’ compensation claims
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • The Family Medical Leave Act
  • The Americans With Disabilities Act

By including information about the company’s obligations to its employees, staff handbooks help to keep new hires in the know and increase overall satisfaction with employment. After all, employees who understand applicable regulations and policies will begin their work life at the company with the right expectations.

Getting a PEO to Help With Staff Handbooks

Many businesses have an in-house HR staff to deal with needs like employee handbooks and the crafting of corporate policy. But there are several benefits to using a PEO like EinsteinHR instead.

PEOs are Less Expensive

Hiring an in-house accounting and HR staff means paying salaries and employee benefits. In most cases, employers can save money by outsourcing this work to a PEO. Usually, PEOs are paid either as a percentage of overall payroll each month or via a flat rate per employee each month.

PEOs Have a Wealth of Experience

Human resources issues should be handled correctly the first time. Instead of trusting an in-house staff that may be saddled with other burdens or may be new to the industry, many business owners turn to PEOs like EinsteinHR. Founded by HR veterans, we have helped clients in industries ranging from real estate to aviation and can ensure that things like employee handbooks are handled appropriately.

EinsteinHR provides potential client business owners with a FREE quote on all of our services. To learn how we can help you craft the perfect staff handbook, either fill out the form on our contact page, or call us today at 770-962-1700. We return emails and calls within 48 hours, so your HR outsourcing journey can start in as few as two days!

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