Safety First! How Workplace Safety Plans Affect Worker’s Compensation

Posted April 7, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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How can comprehensive workplace safety plans keep your worker’s compensation claims under control?

Worker’s compensation claims can take a huge chunk out of your budget, not to mention accidents and injury rob your business of talented staff. Design a smart safety plan to avoid problems. An experienced PEO like Einstein can help. Our clients trust our expertise in assessing worksites and making recommendations you can trust.

The Burden of Hurt Employees

Companies hire employees once they need more manpower to increase profits. Building a house isn’t a one man operation. Neither is mowing 20 lawns each week. When you’re running your own business, you’re responsible for your safety. Because you control the details of each job you hand out to employees, you wind up responsible for their safety as well.

Some employers go out of their way to ensure everyone follows safety recommendations and others give little to no training or guidance, let alone gear. Plenty of organizations press their workers to get as much done in as little time as possible, an attitude leading to illness and injury faster than any other. However, even conscientious employers can miss risks an expert in safety management would pick up on.

Businesses like Einstein PEO provide that expert eye. We’ve dedicated our time and efforts into getting to know each industry’s top dangers and how to handle them before they become problems. There are several ways our professionals can help you fine-tune your operations to help avoid dangerous conditions and accidents, and as a result, workman’s compensation claims.

The Benefits of Advice and Assessment

Companies with experience in risk management and the creation of safety plans can deliver both assessments and advice. They can tailor a plan for you based solely on industry standards or on things they’ve seen first-hand in your workplace. This helps pinpoint dangers you’ve either gotten used to or didn’t realize existed to begin with.

For instance, your safety plan may cover a wide range of dangers, including:

• Accident prevention
• Heat exposure
• Hazardous chemicals
• Fall prevention
• Hearing protection
• And respiratory guidelines

Don’t stop at receiving your plan. Put recommendations in motion. Develop a mindful way of doing business. Your employees may grumble at first. No one likes changes. Explaining why things have to be done a certain method can help, and in order to do that, you need to work with a service provider delivering thorough recommendations and explanations.

Business owners often find their safety plans lead to increased efficiency. When combined with changes made for safety purposes, employees tend to feel better about switching up their routines in all kinds of ways. It’s also been found that safety plans lend themselves to greater employee appreciation.

A comprehensive safety plan protects your employees and your bottom line. Ultimately, lower risks lead to lower liabilities, fewer worker’s compensation claims and cheaper insurance costs. Your workers are safer too, which means every dollar spent on hiring and training is put to better use.

Cut back on worker’s compensation claims with help from a fine-tuned workplace safety plan by contacting a professional today.