Sick And Tired Of Handling Workers’ Compensation The Old Way? Read This

Posted October 30, 2013 by Layne Davlin
Worker's Compensation

Hire a Reputable PEO to Handle Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Traditionally, workers’ compensation payments start with a down payment and monthly or quarterly payments, and all of it is based on an estimate of your company’s yearly payroll. That means that a year-end audit is necessary to find out if you paid more or less than you should – tired of making all those workers’ compensation payments yet?

Let us introduce you to EinsteinHR’s Comp Pay system. When you use EinsteinHR’s Comp Pay system in conjunction with one of our payroll system options, we calculate a workers’ compensation payment every pay period, based on actual payroll. Comp Pay streamlines the workers’ compensation process and saves you the hassles of making down payments on premiums and writing monthly checks; we still conduct a year-end audit, but EinsteinHR and your provider work together to make it a seamless process.

Partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like EinsteinHR is a great way to outsource your human resources administration to an outside company. We can administer your payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, employee benefits, and much more, leaving more of your time available to tend to other important business-related matters.

If you have had it with the back-and-forth hassles of workers’ compensation insurance, we encourage you to explore your options with EinsteinHR’s Comp Pay system. Outsourcing your payroll and other human resources administration is a great way to save your company time and money. Download our free whitepaper on PEO and worker’s compensation.