Easing The Pain When It Comes to Workers’ Compensation Reporting Laws

Posted August 28, 2014 by Layne Davlin
atlanta workers' compensation reporting laws

Do you know how your workers’ compensation claims are faring with Workers’ Compensation Reporting Laws?

Workers’ compensation reporting laws are one of the most confusing aspects of managing employees, but it is critical to understand the correct way to file claims. In some jurisdictions, mistakes can cost you $1000 or more apiece. In addition, if you aren’t estimating your payroll correctly, you could wind up owing several thousands of dollars at the end of your insurance period and before you’re allowed to re-enroll, leaving you in violation of coverage laws.

Are You Drowning in Workers’ Compensation Related Debt? Could You Be?

The penalties for failing to report accidents on time, or in the right way, are severe. If asked to provide more information and your responses aren’t timely or thorough enough, you could face even more trouble. Then there’s the issue of not having insurance at all, which is a dangerous situation for any business.

In a real way, your compliance habits could cost you much more than an accident on the job. Your insurance coverage means nothing if you don’t put it to work the right way. How can you reduce your risks? Hire a specialist. Outsource to experts, at least as long as it takes to train your employees on how to do it right.

Customize Solutions to Fit Your Reporting Needs and Budget

The right professional employer organization (PEO) can offer you highly specialized assistance, addressing the issues of pressing interest and offering only the amount of help you need. This helps your staff’s confidence and keeps expenses within your budget.

If you already have an HR team handling reporting, it doesn’t hurt to bring in an expert to bring their methods up to speed. This is especially true if you’re making any software upgrades. The two activities can be combined, and your employees will feel more knowledgeable without feeling chastised.

For those business owners trying to manage all of their own paperwork by filing themselves, a workers’ compensation reporting service can lighten the burden. Whether you schedule training for yourself or outsource the work to a dedicated reporting team, your efforts could easily pay for themselves. As an extra incentive, when you work with Einstein HR on workers’ compensation reporting laws and compliance, you may wind up saving a significant amount of money.

Access to Better, More Convenient Coverage

A PEO works with many different businesses, and at the end of the day, buying in bulk results in buying power. A large company has the ability to take part in insurance plans not available to smaller businesses. These plans are better and more convenient for many reasons.

Typically, small and medium sized companies are required to pay an estimated premium in advance for a year of coverage. At the end of the contract, estimates become exact figures, and if you’ve underpaid, you could owe a bundle. On the other hand, if you’ve been overcharged, you’ve spent a year without important liquid capital. While working with Einstein HR, you may be eligible for month-to-month payments instead.

Businesses should invest in products and services capable of saving them money and fueling progress. Preventing your company from falling behind because of bad filing will help you succeed. Whether you decide to opt for training or handing your books over to a dedicated team of worker’s comp experts, requesting help from Einstein HR is the right decision.

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