How Outsourcing Risk Reduction Services Could Keep Your Company Alive

Posted December 10, 2014 by Layne Davlin
outsourcing risk reduction services

What advantages do you get from outsourcing risk reduction services?

Outsourcing risk reduction services allows you to get a specialist’s take on your facility safety plan and how to best implement it among your employees. It’s an integral step in keeping your workers safe, but it also helps lower your overall costs. Avoid accidents, incidents and other events which risk your bottom line by requesting help with risk management.

Thorough Assessments

Maybe you’ve recently dealt with a problem or you’ve been instructed to seek out a risk consultant to qualify for insurance breaks. Do you really know the kind of help you need? Many business owners are surprised to learn how far risk reduction is integrated into successful systems. Do business with an experienced provider to cover all of your bases. After a full analysis, you’ll be prepared to tackle all of the health and safety risks relevant to your company.

OSHA-Certified Staff Know the Law

Most people don’t understand what risk really means to insurance companies and safety inspection teams. Do you know the difference between an accident and an incident? What constitutes a “near miss”? These are basic terms in risk management and reduction that make a big impact on your insurance costs, not to mention court proceedings.

If you don’t understand the ins and outs of jobsite safety, you can’t adequately protect your workers or yourself. Hire out risk reduction and work with someone who is up-to-date on safety issues and regulations.

A Fresh Set of Eyes Notices Essential Details

People who are familiar with your worksite may be used to seeing the same hazards day after day, but they may have forgotten the risks because no one’s been hurt yet. Hiring out risk reduction brings at least one new set of eyes onto your property and into your operations. New eyes have a heightened ability to notice problems in the making, allowing them to be addressed before they cause serious problems. Professionals can go over your existing written policies too, looking for confusing or vague wording or instructions that are unintentional hazards all by themselves.

Experts Weigh in on Effective Policies

You may know your workers better than most of the bosses you know, but a risk reduction expert will know how multiple business have effectively reached their staff and retrained them to avoid problems. They’ll know ineffective methods, too. Save time and maximize every dollar you spend on training initiatives by asking a specialist to help you craft new policies. These can prevent serious accidents, keep your system up and running and be used to help lower your workman’s compensation and liability insurance payments.

Establish Ongoing Awareness Plans

It’s not enough to address safety on hiring or even to cover it once a year. You need to put methods in place to remind your employees—and your clients—of potential risks. The right methods for one business or one industry may differ significantly from another, so it’s important to study what has worked best for businesses like yours.

Find the best solution for your safety and health concerns. Call 770-962-1700 today to discuss the potential benefits of outsourcing risk reduction services.