Will AI End Traditional HR?

Posted May 24, 2018 by Mary McGinley

It seems that the entire field of HR is abuzz with talk regarding AI or artificial intelligence. Some have predicted that AI in the world of HR professionals can actually spell its eventual doom.

However, in a recent article by Forbes Technology Council Contributor, Dr. Jeremy Nunn, attempts to calm some of the fear-based assumptions that AI is going to end the world of Human Resources. Nunn asserts clearly from the beginning that AI is not going to be putting HR professionals out of work. What AI does do is offer the potential to revolutionize HR departments and make recruiting, training, evaluation and other tasks that HR traditionally does more efficient in the long run.

In terms of the recruiting process, the issue of unconscious biases regarding race, gender and other factors which hiring managers and HR departments have fallen under criticism for would be all but eliminated by AI technology. AI could formulate questions for potential applicants based on their past work experience and help narrow down choices of candidates to those that are most suited for the job.

Once a candidate is selected, AI is being hailed as an efficient way to onboard new hires. It can answer frequently asked questions about benefits, company policies and other information through the use of chatbots. This frees up the time of HR personnel to deal with more complicated and complex issues that can come up within the organization.

AI is a tool which HR professionals are set to take full advantage of and make their jobs not only easier but offer a greater return on investment for their companies on the whole.