The 5 Best Things about the Top HR Consulting Firms

Posted October 7, 2014 by Layne Davlin
top hr consulting firms

What makes the top HR consulting firms stand out?

The top HR consulting firms have certain characteristics in common. They’re useful in every stage of your business and offer the expertise you need to thrive. They’re easy to use to your advantage, while offering both common and specialized assistance. Most importantly, they offer customizable solutions and personalized support, putting the emphasis on meeting your needs versus offering tools you have to modify.

Before you select an HR consulting firm, consider these top traits:

1.  Comprehensive Employee Management

If you’re inexperienced with hiring and firing, an HR firm with a comprehensive list of employee resources can walk you through every step of the process. They can also take these tasks off your hands or help you balance out the responsibilities you can handle with those requiring more expertise. For example, an HR firm can put together the right recruitment package, develop an online application module used in phasing out the wrong candidates and perform initial interviews, while passing the cream of the crop onto you for final selection.

2.  Payroll, Taxes and Benefit Assistance

Payroll is one of the most frustrating areas for new employers because of the mounds of paperwork and procedure involved. A specialist can help you set up paydays or create a self-service payroll platform your employees can use to manage most of their records on their own. From tracking working hours and paid vacations to paying for worker’s comp coverage, this is one of the most sought after service sets in HR consulting. Make sure whatever company you work with has an excellent track record and won’t hold you liable for tax filing mistakes they might make.

3.  Regulatory Compliance

If regulations are your weak point, it’s imperative your HR consultant service be up-to-date on the legal issues affecting your business. These can include FMLA and HIPPA, OSHA and FLSA, safety concerns and others. An HR expert can help you create policies and source the forms needed to ensure you and your employees aren’t at risk. You can also hire a specialist to take care of these tasks on your behalf.

4.  Online and Mobile Features

Keep track of your employees, and let them manage their own accounts, the easiest way possible. Work with companies with online and mobile features, so you can control your business whether you’re traveling or at the office. For a fraction of the cost of developing your own mobile applications, for instance, you can work with an HR service that has tested the top mobile tools in the business and gain access to special pricing for the industry’s best resources. You can also set up an online self-service portal where employees can instantly check their remaining sick days and vacation time, change their filing status and manage other tasks that previously would take time away from HR staff.

5.  Reliable Support

Finally, you’ll want to work with a business that makes your satisfaction a top priority. Look for those with robust support systems available through multiple channels. As well as a phone number, you should be able to reach someone by email, chat or text. When you reach out, you should be greeted by a real person capable of answering your problems quickly. Trial help runs will pinpoint which HR companies will provide you with the best service. A firm can’t provide reliable services in any area without dependable support.

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