Do Women Need More Help To Make It In Tech?

Posted October 26, 2018 by Mary McGinley

Many women dream of finding a dream career in tech. Even with recent pushes to get more women and girls interested in jobs in STEM fields, according to a recent survey conducted of 6,898 women from around the world, women have found that there are challenges.

In an article appearing on Human Resources Online website, it is said that while many women believe that being in a STEM career would be ideal in terms of creativity, job compensation, nearly half (49%)  of the respondents in a recent survey felt that the male-dominated field shows a bias in favor of men over women. Of those participating in the survey which interviewed women in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Netherlands, China, and other countries 31% of the respondents felt that the clear lack of women in decision-making positions contributes to the problem.  Some 35% of respondents believe that it prevents them from succeeding and advancement in their own careers.

The tide may be turning, however. The article asserts that more high school students are being drawn into STEM  or IT fields because of the potential for them to succeed at a younger age. Also, more high schools are emphasizing ear.

Gillian Tans, CEO at, which conducted the survey, believes that though women are underestimated in the tech sector currently, “What our research now tells us is exactly where women experience the biggest barriers and where the opportunity to initiate change is.”  Tans believes that young women can see the potential in such careers – and they just may well be able to deliver much-needed change in the IT sector because of the high aspirations that they set for themselves.