Hiring when the Work Culture is Poor

Posted June 27, 2016 by Mary McGinley

Human resource professionals spend a great deal of their time talking about their company’s culture.  It’s their job try to promote the so-called culture of the company to draw the best talent. This is harder than it may seem. Today, most employees are looking for the next step. 3 out of every 4 employees are ready to go for it when and if the right opportunity presents itself.

That’s human nature – and most employees, as well as the companies they work for, are in it for themselves.  Turnover often will be ultimately blamed on the person choosing to leave. CareerBuilder also indicates that in a good economy, there will be turnover.  HR pros are faced with the very real challenge of recruiting and retention and hope that in a job seeker’s market, their efforts at recruitment for talent will pay off.

One of the solutions is in how new talent is selected. If HR professionals and recruiters look for the type of individuals who can survive the company’s challenges, they can move up even in a culture that is less than ideal.   When you find that fit that is just right, they can adapt and even thrive. If they can do that, chances are they will stay around and the company’s culture stands a good chance of improving over time.

Such candidates don’t need excessive hand-holding. They tend to roll with the punches on a day to day basis and can be calm while others around them may be showing visible signs of stress.  Those are the kinds of folks who stand a better chance of dealing with internal politics and aspects of a corporate culture that are less than ideal.

Another characteristic is to find individuals who can come up with new and innovative ideas quickly.  Such adaptation shows initiative and often such employees are a little more aggressive than other employees. Such assertiveness can ensure that tasks are done more often than not and they can lead the way for others to follow.

Every company has its own culture. Making a good fit between companies and cultures is what we do at EinstienHR.  Our human resource professionals can work with your company and help you to determine what matters most to your company. We can help you find the best fit for your company by assisting you in finding the right candidate for the right job. EinsteinHR offers a wide range of ways in order to attract, hire and retain top talent for your organization. Contact us today to find out how and get a quote.  You can reach us toll-free at 770-962-1700 (EMC2).