AI May Make HR More Meaningful

Posted March 8, 2019 by Mary McGinley

While some HR professionals are apprehensive about the changes that AI will bring to their profession, a recent article appearing on the Employee Benefits News (EBN) website suggests that some of those fears may be unfounded. There is no doubt that AI is changing the face of the profession, but that doesn’t mean that people need to fear being replaced by AI.

Because of the advances in AI, the data analytics, automated administrative tasks that used to take up much time among HR workers can now be done through AI applications. While fewer of these tasks will need to be performed manually by entry-level workers, for workers who are trained in how to take advantage of the opportunities that AI is now creating within HR, they will find their skills in demand. Their key role will be in helping others. AI cannot replace the human element that is needed for making decisions that are appropriate for individual employees. For those who are good at paying attention to the details that happen within individual workers’ lives, this can offer career growth and advancement for HR professionals.

According to the article’s author, Scott Cawood, “Compensation and benefits, in particular, are highly personalized and important to every worker regardless of their role, tenure or situation.“ For those organizations that choose to automate everything that HR does too quickly, it can feel impersonal to workers and their respective organizations.

Even as the industry moves toward animating more of HR’s administrative and repetitive tasks, those who work in the field will have a greater role in helping employees make the kinds of decisions that can be best for them. This is of increased importance as today’s healthcare, benefits, and compensation options have become more complex. Competition is fierce for top talent to fill open positions, AI can help HR professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively to meet the challenges in today’s workforce.