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Aurora Small Business Payroll Services Company

Aurora Small Business Payroll Services Company

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of the economy, both in Aurora, CO and across the nation. Unfortunately, many owners are forced to spend far too much time handling mountains of payroll paperwork. As a small business payroll services company in Aurora, Einstein HR is available to take on that task, as well as other human resources and accounting services.

Throughout the nation, an increasing number of businesses are beginning to use payroll companies and human resources outsourcing companies to handle their HR needs. In fact, the overall HR outsourcing industry has grown at a rate roughly 14 percent faster than the growth of the American economy as a whole. Plus, an estimated 15 percent of companies with between five and 99 employees use outsourcing agencies, according to the collected industry statistics of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.

Einstein HR is here to help you handle all of the payroll needs that come with your new or small business.

Einstein HR’s Repertoire of Services

“Payroll” sounds like a simple, straightforward service, but every business owner knows that the reality of payroll is complex and involves numerous related services that may not come to mind at first. Below is a small sampling of the kind of services provided by Einstein HR.

Online Options for Employers

Some employers may wish to enter their own payroll information and handle matters personally, but may lack the proper software. With Einstein HR Connection, we offer DIY payroll and the ability to double-check or print off important information.

Online Options for Employees

Through the use of our Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portals, a client company’s employees are able to access their necessary information easily online. They can access past pay stubs, read through company policies, and even look into the specifics of their employee benefits packages. Plus, employers can use the ESS portals as an aid when scheduling employees.

Instant Reports

When you’re running a business, it’s important to make decisions based on the latest information. With Einstein HR, you have access to our easily-read, accurate reports. This can include everything from extensive new-hire reports to reports on the cost of labor.

Tax Administration

Federal and Colorado tax law can be complicated, and mistakes can result in massive and unexpected costs. At Einstein HR, we have decades of collective experience handling tax paperwork for businesses of all sizes.

Total Payroll Services

By taking over the entire payroll needs of your business, we can save your company money in the long run and provide high-quality solutions to all of your problems. Einstein HR can handle the administration of payroll checks, withholding for union dues or wage garnishments, and anything else your company requires.

Never a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

When handling the payroll and HR needs of our client businesses, one mantra that we live by at Einstein HR is that the client should feel free to customize their services. We will never force clients into a mold that does not suit their company. Instead, we allow clients the flexibility to select the services that are right for their business.

Though it is often more profitable for companies to outsource all of their payroll needs, Einstein HR also allows small businesses to cherry-pick the services that fit their company. This means that no small business owner has to feel uncomfortable with their service package, and no small business owner has to pay for services they will not use.

A Small Business Payroll Services Company With Credentials

In addition to handling the payroll and accounting departments of new and small businesses in Aurora, Einstein HR also offers its services as an Aurora PEO, or professional employer organization. We were founded by veterans of the HR outsourcing industry, giving us a unique perspective and decades of combined experience helping companies achieve their goals.

In 2017, Einstein HR was recognized with a place on the Inc. 5000 list and was honored as one of the Top 15 PEOs in the country. We exist to provide clients with the quality of service you would expect from a Fortune 1000 company, regardless of the size of our client’s business.

Let Einstein HR Handle Your Payroll Needs

Around the country, 175,000 small-to-mid-sized businesses trust human resources outsourcing companies like Einstein HR with their HR and accounting needs. These services are vital to the flourishing of small businesses, and the flourishing of small businesses is vital to our country’s success overall.

If you are a small business owner ready to spend more time focusing on the things that make your business unique and important rather than mind-numbing paperwork, contact Einstein HR today. Simply fill out the form on our contact page or call us at 770-962-1700. One of our representatives will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss how Einstein HR can help your company.

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