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Aurora HR Outsourcing Company

Aurora HR Outsourcing Company

One of the major trends in business ownership is using Human Resources outsourcing companies to handle HR and accounting services. Not only does this save owners time and energy better spent on the growth of their business, but it can save money, increase employee happiness, and improve the quality of a company’s HR department.

At Einstein HR, we are available to help businesses of all sizes in Aurora, CO as an HR outsourcing company. The option that provides the most savings for owners usually is choosing to outsource their entire HR and accounting departments to the experts at Einstein HR. However, we also allow clients to select specific services that they need in an a la carte fashion. This means that no business owner ever has to pay for services that they do not need.

The Importance of Outsourcing Your HR Needs

An Aurora, CO HR outsourcing company can work wonders for your business. Founded by industry veterans, Einstein HR has access to decades of experience handling services for businesses as small as five employees all the way up to larger companies with more than 100 employees. Here are just a few services that we provide for our client businesses.

Payroll Administration

No owner wants to handle the time-consuming paperwork and red tape that comes with payroll services. When you partner with Einstein HR, you don’t have to! We provide payroll services to Aurora small businesses so that entrepreneurs can focus on building and growing their companies. These services include online employee access to payroll information, withholding items such as child support, and annual reporting.

Employee Benefits Provision and Management

A key factor in maintaining a content workforce is supplying your employees with high-quality benefits packages. HR Outsourcing companies often act as PEOs, or Professional Employer Organizations, and become co-employers. This allows them to offer top-tier benefits packages at a fraction of the typical cost, since their employee pool is much larger than that of any single client business. Einstein HR is available as an Aurora, CO PEO and can help you keep your employees happy and cut back on costly turnover rates.

Develop a Lower Risk Profile

Another important aspect of hiring a human resources outsourcing company in Aurora is that companies like Einstein HR can help you lower the risk profile of your business. This can come in a variety of ways, from creating more efficient safety protocols to assisting in the employee recruitment process to ensure that the best candidates are hired. Einstein HR even helps companies by developing an improved anti-harassment policy to cut down on your company’s liability.

Ensure Compliance With Regulations

Entrepreneurs and business owners typically enter their fields with dreams about succeeding in the business they love. They don’t start businesses to deal with bureaucracy and endless paperwork, but that can be an unfortunate side effect. If industry regulations and state labor laws are not followed, the result can be disastrous for your company. Luckily, Einstein HR has decades of collective experience handling legal compliance matters. Our experts can help ensure that your company is up to date on issues like Workers’ Compensation law or the Affordable Care Act.

Einstein HR: An HR Outsourcing Company For All Industries

Not only has Einstein HR handled HR and accounting services for businesses of all sizes, but we have experience working with a wide variety of industries. Some of our previous and current clients include businesses in industries like the following:

  • Aviation
  • Health Care
  • Law Firms
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Construction

Quality HR Services to Fit Your Budget

Savings associated with the use of an Aurora HR outsourcing company are legion and include aspects like reduced employee turnover, lower employee benefits costs, and reduced costs from legal mistakes. But the actual cost of outsourcing your company’s HR is often lower than hiring an in-house staff as well.

That means you avoid having to pay high salaries year-round even while you save in other areas due to the quality of your HR services. It’s a win-win situation that shows just how important it is for new and small business owners to hire an HR outsourcing company like Einstein HR.

Start Outsourcing Your HR Needs

If you are a small business owner, don’t miss out on the growing trend of HR outsourcing. One of the leading HR outsourcing organizations released data showing that the PEO and HR outsourcing industry is growing at a rate 14 times higher than the overall American economy. Increasing numbers of business owners are realizing the effectiveness of outsourcing their HR needs.

To start the process of working with Einstein HR, simply fill out the form on our contact page or call us today at 770-962-1700. We will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss just how we can help you save time and money on your human resources department.

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