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HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Augusta, GA

HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Augusta, GA

All business leaders have to make difficult choices. One of those is how to spend your time. You have a company to run, but you need your administrative and HR work running smoothly in the background. New hires, payroll, unemployment claims, and employee disputes all gobble up time and require expertise to handle. If your business has grown beyond your existing HR capabilities, you need an Augusta human resources outsourcing (HRO) company.

Human resources gets more complex every year. When you outsource your HR needs, you suddenly have a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who can handle the work for you—and solve your most difficult pain points. Your HR outsourcing company can manage payroll, help bring you into compliance with government rules, resolve or prevent internal disputes and even help you recruit and retain the best possible talent.

At Einstein HR we have decades of experience helping businesses just like yours. When you contact us, the first thing we will do is sit down with you to help identify your biggest HR bottlenecks and the solutions that will get your organization functioning smoothly. Let us give you a free quote. Fill out the form to the right or contact us and get your free quote today.

How does HR outsourcing benefit my business?

A good HRO will offer full-service or a la carte outsourcing, allowing you to get the most urgent HR tasks managed as quickly as possible. They can serve as your sole HR provider or work alongside your existing in-house HR staff for maximum efficiency. In many cases, your HR provider will not only resolve the specific tasks you give them, but help your entire organization run better and reduce costs.

The major benefits of an HR outsourcing company include:

  • Saving money. When you outsource your HR work, you free your business from the need to hire full-time staff—or the lengthy training curve that can sometimes from with a new recruit. You get seasoned HR experts working as much or little as you need then, often accomplishing a given task in less time than it would take in-house staff to do it. The result is a lean operating model and lower costs.
  • Employee retention. One of the most noticeable benefits of an HRO is the lower turnover rate if often brings. HR professionals can improve the performance review process, offer enhanced employee training, coach your managers on how to implement feedback with their teams, and even get your workers better benefits at a lower cost to your company. The result across the board is a happier, more motivated work force that tends to stay with your business longer.  
  • Government compliance. No business should have to live with the risk of uncertain compliance with government rules—an issue that can result in liability, penalties and increased scrutiny, as well as negative PR. Your HRO will help you ensure compliance in all areas.
  • Risk management. Reduce the risk your company carries by partnering with an HRO that can use training and policy to limit risk of complaints, accidents and liability.

What HR services does Einstein offer in Augusta?

We are a one-stop shop that can cover all HR needs. Some clients choose to outsource their entire HR operation (we are also an Augusta PEO company), while others ask us to take on specific tasks or consult at a strategic level. The most popular services we offer include:

  • HR software & cloud-based solutions. Our premier HR software program is Einstein HR Online. This all-in-one program allows you to mange all aspects of HR work, from employee records to payroll, in a secure, easy-to-use environment.
  • Payroll. We offer industry-leading payroll software, or we can handle your entire payroll for you. Get any feature you need, from direct deposit or branded paychecks to handling complex situations like commissions and child support.
  • Employee self service (ESS) portals. An ESS is essentially a secure internal website where both staff and management can access the resources the need instantly. From employees checking their own vacation accruals to managers building checklists and templates for routine tasks, ESS streamlines your HR process and makes information accessible to the people who need it.
  • Benefits management. Whether you need your current benefits program to run smoothly or want to find a better benefits package altogether, Einstein can do the job.
  • Recruiting. Having the right people on your team makes all the difference in business. Einstein HR can recruit top performers, screen applicants, assist with interviews and even train or onboard new hires.
  • Termination support. From reducing liability to managing continued benefits and unemployment claims, our professionals can handle this sensitive process.
  • Compliance support. Employers in Augusta face nearly 30 different areas of government regulations and oversight including safety, labor, equal opportunity employment and more. We know how to navigate these complex and fast-changing rules to keep your business’s risk to a minimum.
  • Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. The rules set down by the ACA are both complicated in their own right and also subject to change as new laws are passed. Einstein can manage all ACA compliance for your business.

What kinds of businesses outsource HR in Augusta?

Einstein HR works with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We have the experience to assist companies in many industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Film
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • IT
  • Bioscience
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Non-profits
  • Many other industries

How does it cost to outsource HR?

We believe that an HR provider should help you reduce costs, and we work hard to make our services accessible to a business of any size. We will work with you to customize an HR solution that meets your needs.

Some of the ways we help you save money include:

  • Reducing the cost of employee benefits
  • Lowering your employee turnover rate
  • Reducing the risk of costly disputes and government penalties
  • Eliminating the need to hire full-time HR staff

Get the HR Support Your Business Needs

You have a business to run. Let Einstein handle the details. We’ll listen to your needs, help you choose the services will help your business the most, and give you a free quote. Fill out the form to your right or contact us to get your free quote today.

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