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Augusta PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in Augusta, GA

Augusta PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in Augusta, GA

The best way to attract and retain the employees is to offer great benefits. Unfortunately, many businesses find it hard to keep up with the ever-increasing price tag of those benefits—or stay competitive with larger organizations. And administering complex benefits packages can put a strain on an organization’s existing HR staff. But there is a way to offer great benefits without runaway costs: partner with an Augusta PEO company.

PEO companies, or Professional Employer Organizations, are partner companies that handle benefits and HR for your staff, taking your employees under their umbrella and giving you access to top benefits at a fraction of the normal cost. Your PEO also serves as a one-stop-shop HR firm, helping you achieve compliance with government regulations, streamline your internal HR processes and boost employee retention rates.

Benefits of working with a PEO include:

  • Attracting high-performing employees
  • Access to top-tier benefits at reduced cost
  • Cutting HR costs organization-wide
  • Improved loyalty and employee retention
  • The security of knowing your organization is compliant with Obamacare and all government regulations

At Einstein HR, we have decades of experience in the PEO and Augusta HR outsourcing industries. Let us sit down with you to talk about your company’s needs. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get a free quote today.

What is a professional employer organization/PEO?

A PEO is a third-party organization that acts like part of your company in certain situations. On paper, the PEO acts as the “co-employer” of your employees. This relationship, known as co-employment, can be advantageous to you—for example, when seeking benefits for your staff. If the PEO co-employs workers with twenty other companies, you essentially have the bargaining clout of an organization twenty times your size. This allows a mid-size company to get the benefits as a Fortune 100 company.

The leadership structure of your company does not change. You retain the power to hire and fire, and you are the one who decides their work assignments. The PEO simply takes human resources and benefits administration off your plate.

How does co-employment work in Augusta?

Under co-employment, your business and the PEO each have a separate role:


  • Your business is in control. You will always be the primary employer for your team, and you are the executive in the relationship. The PEO follows your directions.
  • The PEO does the administrative work. It’s up to you which specific duties your PEO takes over. In many cases, the PEO will administer benefits, payroll, tax withholding and compliance. In many cases they will also help with HR policy and strategy, recruiting, employee performance reviews, risk management and more. Your PEO can also take the lead on addressing disputes with employees, such as discrimination claims, in the most cost-effective way possible.


Once your organization signs with a PEO, it’s common to see reduced employee turnover and substantial cost savings.

What can an Augusta PEO company do for me?

A good PEO will deliver everything you’d expect from a normal human resources provider—and then some. Typical PEO services include:

  • Benefits. PEOs help you save money on your benefits and offer better benefits overall. You can finally offer the health, vision and dental plans your employees want plus a meaningful retirement plan and high-value perks. The PEO can administer the entire benefits program for you, and provide support to your employees where needed.
  • ACA/Obamacare compliance. The benefits landscape continues to change and the Affordable Care Act has forced companies to meet new challenges. Your PEO serves as your ACA specialist, able to comply with all current government rules and respond swiftly as changes in the law are implemented.
  • Payroll. Payroll is often the most time-consuming and costly of all HR administration tasks. It doesn’t have to be. A PEO can give your employees digital pay stubs, direct deposit, an online self-service portal and much more—while streamlining the payroll process and reducing costly errors. (We are also an Augusta small business payroll company.)
  • Risk reduction. Having a PEO means having a team of experienced HR minds ready to improve your organization. A PEO can help with reducing risk and liability through safety training, discrimination policy, clear employee complaint channels and more. The result is an organization that minimizes the chance of costly lawsuits, disputes and claims.
  • Recruiting. The best PEOs double as recruiting services, offering headhunting, applicant screening, and even onboarding and training for new hires.
  • Performance improvement. At your option, your PEO can help align your employee performance evaluation process with your company’s goals and department-by-department productivity. This includes not only clearer, more actionable feedback for employees, but training for supervisors on how to coach their teams and boost results.

What types of companies use PEOs in Augusta?

Companies in virtually every industry can use PEOs. At Einstein HR, our clients include:

  • Small businesses with 10 employees or less
  • Growing mid-size businesses with 10-100 employees
  • Large organizations with hundreds of employees
  • Startups
  • Not-for-profit organizations

What makes Einstein HR different from other PEOs in Augusta, GA?

Our founders spend decades in the PEO and human resources industries. In that time, we saw that many PEOs make huge promises to their clients and then fail to deliver the results. Typically, these firms have great technical expertise but they lack a focus on service and customer satisfaction. We saw a need for a company that backs up its offerings with attentive customer service. The result is a results-driven PEO with one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.  

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