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HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Athens, Georgia

HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Athens, Georgia

An HR outsourcing company can benefit every business in Athens, from the small startup to the more established enterprise. Essentially, you may want to consider outsourcing your HR department if you spend too much time working on administrative tasks such as:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits claims
  • Training your employees

A typical human resources department (HR) consists of many moving parts, perhaps more so than any other department in the company. It is crucial that you, as the business owner, can feel confident in the smooth operation of such an important department. Keeping your employees — and sometimes even past employees — satisfied is often the key to running a well-oiled machine.

This is where a company like Einstein HR can help. Here, we have over 10 years of experience helping to ease the strain that administrative human resource duties can place on a business. Let us show you how you can save money, time and stress by putting your HR needs into the hands of our experienced professionals. Fill out our contact form right now for a free quote.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Outsourcing HR?

Running an HR department in Athens, Georgia is like growing ivy: without proper maintenance, it can sneak up on you and take over everything. This process can significantly affect one’s ability to do business. For one thing, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your clients happy when you’re stuck behind a desk, doing paperwork all day.

HR outsourcing is ideal because it doesn’t have to be just one thing. In other words, you don’t have to assign your entire HR department to us if you don’t need to.

For instance, if you have everything under control but your payroll department, you can choose to outsource just your payroll needs. Similarly, if keeping up to date on things that change regularly, like labor laws and tax regulations, seems next to impossible, you can leave those concerns to Einstein HR.

How Do You Choose Which Functions To Outsource?

For some businesses in Athens, it may not be so easy to determine which aspect of their HR department is the most time-consuming. Maybe payroll is an arduous process for one company, but keeping up with labor laws is infinitely more frustrating. This company may find great relief in entrusting its labor law compliance concerns to a company that specializes in that field.

Typically, business owners will outsource tasks they could otherwise do with their eyes closed, but that can ultimately interfere with their bottom line. Tasks like compensation, recruiting, employee rewards, and training are some of the most popular to outsource.

Conversely, some business owners prefer to outsource tasks that can cause unexpected issues that they may not be able to handle in a timely fashion. Relocation is a popular task to outsource because so many issues can pop up during an employee’s relocation that can quickly turn into an all-consuming process, from travel expenses to temporary housing.

Solutions For Companies Located In Athens, Georgia

Einstein HR is a full-service HR outsourcing company. This means that we can provide any solution you need, from a comprehensive package consisting of many tasks, to that one task that you just can’t seem to make time for. We also offer temporary support for companies that may only need help for the short-term while undergoing a renovation or some such other major change.

Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Safety training (both on site and online)
  • Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Terminations and subsequent unemployment claims
  • Performance evaluations
  • Recruiting
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Compliance with FLSA rules, safety standards, and tax regulations

Some of our clients also find our Einstein HR Online system to be quite helpful. The Einstein HR Online system is a program that allows you to monitor everything you need to know about your employees, from their sick days to performance evaluations – information you may need to refer to in the event of a promotion, demotion, or termination.

Why Should You Trust Einstein HR?

The founders of Einstein HR got the idea to form this company back in 2007 after seeing first-hand how human resources providers in HRO and PEO industries were failing to provide stellar customer service, despite being wholly knowledgeable on the issues at hand.

Einstein HR has since been named one of the Top 100 Privately Held Companies in Atlanta, Georgia by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Our reputation rests on our outstanding delivery of customer service and our rates of client retention in the Athens area. Contact Einstein HR today and you will be impressed by how we already know what you need and how to help before we even said “hello.”

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