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Montgomery Small Business Payroll Company

Montgomery Small Business Payroll Company


Small businesses are an essential part of the American economy. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 99.9% of all businesses within the United States and employ nearly half of all U.S. workers.

Running a small business isn’t as simple as just offering your product or service to customers. There are countless regulations to consider, especially when it comes to payroll. This may be why, according to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, about 15% of all small businesses turn to a professional employer organization (PEO) to handle at

As a Montgomery small business payroll company, Einstein HR is here to make the process of running your small business simpler for you. No matter the size or industry of your company, we offer payroll solutions designed to take the pressure off you. You can contact us by using the form on this webpage, or by calling us today at 770-962-1700.

Payroll Is Complicated

As your business grows, you’ll find that the process of making sure your employees get paid properly can get exponentially more complicated. Unless you have a background in payroll administration, or you’re willing to hire a team of full-time HR staff members, you may not know what to do if a problem arises. For example, you may find yourself experiencing problems with:

  • Direct deposits
  • Wage garnishments
  • Unemployment
  • Payment of union dues

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire an in-house payroll department to get high quality payroll administration in Montgomery. Einstein HR has a dedicated staff of HR professionals that are here to handle all your payroll needs. Whether it’s with total payroll outsourcing or offering you new ways of processing payroll, Einstein HR is here to help you!

We Handle All Problems, Big and Small

Einstein HR believes in help small business owners by giving them all the tools they need to make running their company as smooth as possible. While we do offer comprehensive HR outsourcing in Montgomery, we know that every business has different needs. When you call to get your free quote, we learn more about your company and offer you only the solutions you need.

Total Payroll Outsourcing

Hiring an on-site, dedicated team to handle your payroll can be costly. Fortunately, Einstein HR offers total payroll administration services for companies just like yours. Even better, the cost of our PEO services are incredibly affordable. You can pay a nominal fee per employee or a small, fixed percentage based on the total cost of your payroll.

Onsite Payroll Software

If you’d prefer the idea of remaining more hands-on with payroll administration, we also have onsite payroll software solutions. With our software, you can enter your employees’ weekly wages and pass the processing off to our payroll professionals. Einstein HR Connection also makes it easy to generate the payroll reports you need to help analyze how well your business is doing.

Employee Self-Service Websites

We know that making life simple for your employees makes life simpler for you as well. That’s why we offer employee self service options for your business. With our Einstein HR Online solutions, employees can check their pay stubs and W-2s, see their sick and vacation time, and even track their hours worked. Not only that, but we can help your employees register new certifications or even train your employees on new skills.

You Can Trust a Montgomery Small Business Payroll Company to Simplify Your Business

The stress of running your own business can feel overwhelming at times. Hiring the right PEO to help your business can certainly relieve some of that pressure. That’s why Einstein HR is dedicated to making sure that you are completely satisfied with the services we offer. As your business grows, we can offer you solutions that can scale with your company.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our dedication to making sure that small business owners in Montgomery like you has propelled us to be named as one of the Top 15 PEOs by Inc. 5000.

When you’re ready to start saving time and stress on your payroll, Einstein HR is here in Montgomery to lend a hand. You can leave a message any time using our contact page and we will have someone get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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