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Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Georgia

Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Georgia

People start businesses for many reasons. You may have thought of a way to do something better, a product that would improve people’s lives, or a path to build a stronger future for your family. But one reason you didn’t start a business was to spend all your time doing payroll and administrative paperwork. That’s why a Georgia small business payroll company can help you.

Payroll is never simple. As your business gets bigger, you face more unexpected payroll situations and ever more arcane rules. Taxes, labor laws, and the regulations around hiring and firing can gobble up your time, and your business may face penalties if you make an error. Long term, this means you don’t have enough time to do what matters most—run your business and focus on growth. But your payroll company can change that. A payroll company can streamline your payroll process or handle the entire thing for you, eliminating errors and giving you back your time.

At Einstein HR, we’ve provided businesses owners with payroll solutions for decades. We focus primarily on small to medium sized businesses, with anywhere from just a few employees to hundreds. When you contact us, we’ll look at your biggest payroll pain points and develop a solution that makes your life easier—at a price that works for your business. Call us and get a free quote. Fill out the form to the right or contact us and get your quote today.

How can a payroll company help my small business?

When you have a professional payroll provider on your side, you get the full capabilities of a Fortune 500 company no matter what the scale of your operation. We believe that even the smallest business can achieve the same level of compliance, convenience, and efficiency as a larger enterprise.

Our solutions include support for all your payroll needs:

  • Easy, accurate withholding of all taxes
  • Deductions for workers compensation
  • Child support
  • Wage garnishing
  • Union dues
  • Full support for employee termination, continuing benefits and COBRA
  • Assistance with unemployment claims
  • Paying out independent contractors/1099 form employees
  • Accrual of time off and benefits
  • Branded paychecks
  • Direct deposit
  • Branded checks
  • Reporting

Can I keep my payroll in house, or do I have to totally outsource it?

You can do whichever is better for your business. We’ve worked with many small businesses that prefer to do payroll themselves and simply use our tools and services to streamline the process. We also work with clients who want a complete “hands off” experience, and allow us to handle their payroll from beginning to end.

We offer a full spectrum of payroll solutions:

  1. DIY online payroll platform. If you prefer to handle your payroll in house, we can help you make the process easy and error-free with Einstein HR Connection, our online payroll platform. Einstein HR Connection enables full onsite payroll, guiding you through entry for every employee. It helps you correctly handle complex situations including third party checks, garnished wages and variable pay scales. With a 100% secure connection, Einstein HR Connect will let you enter information anywhere, proof it, and send it out to be processed into checks. We can send the checks to you or you can print them out yourself.
  2. Payroll tax support. Tax rules are one of the toughest parts of payroll, and a single error can cause problems both for your employee and for your business. That’s why we offer tax support services, shepherding the tax compliance process from the W-4 on an employee’s first day to their W-2 at year’s end, and beyond.
  3. Full payroll administration. Many of our clients would rather just not have to think about payroll at all. We offer comprehensive payroll outsourcing handled by our seasoned payroll experts. You can choose to enter your payroll information online or on a traditional form, and we do everything else—including managing benefits accrual, taxes and complex payroll situations. Most importantly, we offer lightning fast customer support anytime you or your staff have a question.
  4. Online HR services. Sometimes you need more than just payroll help. We offer Einstein HR Online, a digital portal with wizards to help you quickly add new hires, update employee records, process terminations and more.
  5. Reporting. Whether you need to keep track of payroll costs, perform labor costing or simply check employee records, we provide instant, easy to read reports at the click of a button.

Can my business get an ESS portal?

Yes, at Einstein HR we offer intuitive employee self service (ESS) portals. Your ESS portal is your one-stop shop for both employees and managers who need information.

  • Employees can use your ESS to enter their own hours after a shift, see how many vacation or sick hours they’ve accrued, stay up to date on policy changes and more. They can even view their past pay stubs and how many hours they’ve worked in each pay period.
  • Managers can bring up employee records in seconds and pull together any information they need about an employee’s history. You can outfit your ESS with checklists and templates for procedures managers have to follow—everything from checking an employee out at the end of a shift to entering new employees in the system.

Can payroll solutions be customized?

Absolutely. Our goal at Einstein is to make your payroll procedure pain-free. That’s why we work with you to identify your business’s specific challenges and the areas where you spend the most time on HR. We customize your payroll solutions to give you the most ROI and deliver a frictionless payroll experience.

Some of the questions we will ask you when developing your solution include:

  • What have been your biggest payroll errors in the past?
  • What do your managers have the hardest time with?
  • What are your employees asking for?
  • What does your ideal payroll look like?
  • Is your business growing? What’s changing about your business?
  • What payroll software (if any) do you currently use?

We’ve seen many payroll companies promise big advantages and then fail to deliver. Often, our clients switch to us after being let down by a different company. We believe in providing only solutions that truly meet your needs—and exceed your expectations.

Let Us Make Your Payroll Easier

You should be able to focus on what matters most in your business. Let us take care of the rest. Einstein HR can take payroll off your plate, reduce risks, eliminate errors and ensure compliance. Find out what we can do for you. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get your FREE quote today.

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