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Do Your Business Payroll Checks Change With Co-Employment

Do Your Business Payroll Checks Change With Co-Employment


When you partner with a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) like Einstein HR, you are entering into a co-employment contract.  With co-employment, the PEO acts as the employer of record, so yes, the look of your business payroll checks will change slightly — usually, payroll checks will have both your company name and the name of the PEO on them. Your employees still work for you, and you do the hiring and firing. We handle all the paperwork, tax reporting, and legal compliance. In other words, you’re the worksite employer and we are the administrative employer.

Your employees may not even notice the difference. The big thing is that they get paid accurately and on time. And if they use direct deposit, they’re even less likely to notice a change. In the scheme of things, adding the PEO name to the paycheck and tax documents is a small thing. The big thing is the benefits you get from working with a PEO for your payroll administration, benefits plan, and other HR services.

If you’re still doing payroll and all the other HR paperwork duties yourself, ask yourself if your time could be better spent, and if you are doing all of the things that PEO payroll administration services do, including:

  • Preparing payroll.
  • Issuing checks & reporting.
  • Taking care of FICA, FIT & SIT tax withholdings.
  • Making federal & state tax deposits.
  • Preparing & submitting quarterly 941s & SUI forms.
  • Issuing year-end W-2s, W-3, 1099s & 940.
  • Handling multiple state deposits & filing.
  • New hire reporting.
  • Preparing job cost accounting reports.
  • Preparing customized reports.
  • Preparing federal payroll summaries.
  • Ensuring wage/hour law compliance.
  • Managing paid leave program.
  • Earned income credit.
  • Providing comprehensive payroll deductions.
  • Issuing third-party checks.
  • Tracking vacation & sick time accruals.
  • Preparing department summaries for each department.
  • Tracking issues for multiple worksites.
  • Offering multiple payroll input options.
  • Checks signed & stuffed in envelopes.
  • Ensuring prompt payroll delivery.
  • Offering direct deposit.
  • Offering Visa payroll debit cards.
  • Answering employee questions about payroll taxes and deductions for benefits.

PEO payroll administration offers more than DIY payroll software. PEO payroll administration techs work with other departments like benefits administration and workers compensation, and have extensive knowledge of payroll and tax compliance that you won’t find in a software package, or even with some bookkeepers.

PEO Payroll Administration Benefits

PEO payroll administration has a wealth of benefits, including:

It’s Simple

PEO payroll administration allows you to make just one simple payment that covers everything — you make a list of your employees, how many hours they worked, their pay rate, and we take care of the rest.

PEO Payroll Saves You Time

Your time is your most valuable business resource. You want to spend more time with your customers, and with your family after work. Doing payroll can be very time consuming and complex, especially if you have several different pay rates, multiple business locations, and have to figure out overtime pay rates as well. Leave the payroll process to us, so you can spend your time on more important things.

Co-Employment with a PEO Protects You From Tax Liabilities

Payroll tax compliance can be tricky, especially when the IRS changes the rules for withholding.  Even if you didn’t know you were supposed to be paying something or withholding something, the IRS doesn’t care. Having your PEO handle payroll administration protects you from year end surprises. We are fully up to date on federal and state tax laws, and we’re constantly tracking and ensuring that you’re paying or withholding the right amount for benefits, taxes, workers compensation, etc.

Why It Makes Sense to Partner with a PEO for Payroll Administration

  • You ensure your employees getting paid accurately and on time. Every time.
  • You can spend all of your time on the things that matter for your business, not pushing paperwork.
  • You can sleep well at night knowing that you’re in compliance with all the payroll and tax laws. No lying awake wondering if you’ve made all the correct withholdings for your business.No nasty surprises at tax time.

Check out our full payroll administration services page for more information, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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