Are You Using HR To The Fullest?

Posted May 4, 2018 by Mary McGinley

HR professionals play an integral role in both large and small organizations. In order to be most effective, however, there are important guidelines for them to consider so they can bring value-added services to their organizations.

In an article appearing on the Entrepreneur Magazine website, Human Resource manager at SILA Payal Sondhi advises that HR has an important role for help companies meet their goals and objectives. Sondhi asserts that HR is moving beyond what are considered traditional roles into those that are considered more strategic in order to help organizations achieve those goals.

Ways that this can be achieved are through:

  • Proactive Optimization – Sondhi suggests that HR professionals take the initiative and ask managers what their largest areas of concern are. If recruiting and hiring top talent is a priority, focus on this area first. If workers are not staying long, find out what is lacking within the organization or how things can be improved by encouraging feedback. When HR works to solve issues that managers and workers bring up, they bring further value to the company.
  • Strategize and Connect with People – HR fulfills an important role in being a connector between people. By encouraging and promoting company culture, positive reinforcement and recognition of a job well done by workers and departments is great for morale and can further motivate and engage workers within the organization.

When properly leveraged, your HR team can be a driver for profits by promoting good workplace culture and finding the best talent for your business. Are you using your HR team strategically?