How Can Time and Attendance Software Change How You Do Business?

Posted November 18, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Why haven’t you made the move to time and attendance software?

According to Business News Daily, more businesses than ever are switching from traditional time cards and are making the move to time and attendance software systems. They aren’t in charge of hundreds or thousands of employees either. These programs are effective even for small businesses with a handful of employees. In fact, they may forge the way for whole-business accounting changes capable of cutting your expenses in a serious way. Check out the following potential benefits:

Pay for Hours Worked

The most basic time accounting methods work off an employee’s scheduled hours, but how many people at your business wind up coming in late or leaving early? Even just a few minutes a week add up over a year’s time, but it can be a pain to tally percentages and partial hours.

Using time and attendance software enables these amounts to be figured automatically once your employees clock in and out for the day—often over the web or via mobile device—allowing you to accurately pay per the hour, regardless of how much time someone has worked.

Avoid Overtime

Every business has employees who leave as soon as possible and those who diligently work every minute available. The right time and attendance software program will help you juggle those employees’ needs, ensuring that no one is working under their allotted salary hours or working overtime. Automatic notifications allow your managers to rework their team schedules and can alert individual employees to schedule problems.

Cut Back on Hours… and Errors

One of the most convenient and cost-saving features of a time and attendance management system is the ability to integrate with other popular business programs. This prevents the need for hours spent re-entering information you’ve collected elsewhere, and it also prevents the risk of human error which arises whenever information is keyed in by hand.

Allow for Mobile Convenience

Do your employees work off-site? Being able to log-in via mobile device helps your staff record their real work hours, clocking in when they begin and clocking off when they’re done for the day. This is also helpful when billing for time worked, and it’s a feature often left off of small-business invoicing programs.

Boost Employee Morale

You can give your staff a confidence boost by working employee self-services into your system design. Having the ability to check their hours and remaining sick and vacation days helps people feel more in control than having to check with HR for insignificant requests. Incidentally, this also saves money by freeing up expensive hours your skilled staff would spend on busywork.

Make Decisions in Real-Time

It can be difficult for managers to make decisions on the fly in terms of letting people go or calling more in for a busy shift. With an upgraded time and attendance system, you can base these decisions on current hourly standings. You can also use time and attendance information to make other human resource calls.

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