Modernize Or Perish!

Posted February 15, 2019 by Mary McGinley

Over the past decade, the digital revolution has changed every aspect of our modern day lives. In the workforce, digitization is leading the way for HR professionals in terms of recruitment, benefits management, and the overall operations of organizations.

In an article which appeared on the HR Dive website, contributing editor Valerie Bolden-Barrett believes that in order to stay competitive in today’s workforce, companies must modernize through digital solutions.

According to a survey conducted by Global Recruitment Insights and Data of 2,185 professional recruiters, more than half (55%) of respondents felt that artificial intelligence or AI would play a positive role in how they will be able to engage both potential recruits and their customers.

In addition to budgetary concerns, those surveyed found that the shortage in potential candidates that had desired skills was in short supply. Most respondents found that attracting qualified candidates to job openings was a top concern /61%), while reducing turnover and improving candidate experience was somewhat lower (31%).

Some companies are finding themselves having to reevaluate how can accommodate employees so that they can work remotely or using talent from the gig economy can help in some ways with the current challenges in finding qualified workers.

Some 92% of managers, business leaders, and recruiters seem to agree that making the transition toward digital solutions is key in order stay competitive in recruiting top talent, less than half of respondents said that budgets were a factor in making the change. Reducing turnover, offering training and giving benefits that workers are most looking for can also assist in attracting and keeping the best workers. Modernization through digital technologies by preparing their workers for the changes beforehand seems to be providing a pathway for those organizations to do this most effectively.