EEOC to Shift Focus toward Job Growth

Posted February 17, 2017 by Mary McGinley

Today in Washington D.C. the name of the game is change.  Change is inevitable every time a new administration takes the helm from the one before it. During the Obama administration, the EEOC focused mainly on enforcing and furthering laws that addressed issues of discrimination in the workplace. Now under the Trump Administration with the appointment of Victoria Lupnic to head the federal agency, the focus is expected to be more on job growth.

Of course, while some workers may fear that the new administration will attempt to undercut or undo any progress that was made in the past eight years.  However, because Lupnic has been with the EEOC from at least 2010 as a commissioner, those types of changes probably aren’t going to happen. Or at least they won’t be happening right away.

In a recent article on, it is likely that while President Trump’s appointee to the EEOC feels that increasing jobs and growing the U.S. economy is important.  Even so, the federal agency intends to keep its eye on strategic enforcement as it did in the past eight years throughout 2017 and possibly until 2021.

It was reported that Lupnic voted against modification of current EEOC policy, however, she also indicated that she had been the only commissioner to do so.  The votes of the other commissioners could likely be a signal that the Trump administration still means to change key policies.  These could be made not only within the EEOC, but also other federal agencies which oversee labor.  Some believe that the new administration wants to cater more to the needs of employers than in the past.  If so, it could mean a potential rolling back some of the Obama administration’s regulations in order to be more business friendly and ensure growth in the economy.

If you own a small to medium sized company, it can feel more than a little overwhelming at times when you’re trying to figure out what to expect from federal regulators. Businesses are expected to be on top of all changes and be in compliance with regulations at all times or potentially be penalized by the government.  When Presidential administrations change and new heads of regulatory agencies are appointed, however, it’s hard to know just what’s going to happen and make the necessary changes as required by law.  One way to ensure this happens is by working with a PEO company.  A PEO can help you stay current and informed so that you can focus on running your business.

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