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Category : Benefits Management - Page

Category : Benefits Management - Page

    Finding The Sweet Spot For Parental Leave

    Posted by Mary McGinley on March 1, 2019

    Giving new parents and caregivers adequate time for family leave is an important part of any employee benefits package. Some companies, of course, are more generous than others when it comes time to take care of family needs. It can be a balancing act for … Read More »

    Compliance Issues in 2017

    Posted by Mary McGinley on December 23, 2016

    The election of Donald Trump’s as President of the United States has left employers wondering how the changing of the guard will change the landscape in the world of work. There is no doubt that the President-elect is more business-oriented than pro-labor. How will this … Read More »

    The Pros and Cons of Holiday Parties

    Posted by Mary McGinley on November 25, 2016

    Almost everyone looks forward to the holiday parties that are popular during this season. Such gatherings afford companies a way to boost morale by thanking workers for their service and provide an atmosphere where employees can have fun in a purely social setting. For human … Read More »

    Don’t Let Employees Abuse FMLA Claims

    Posted by Mary McGinley on November 18, 2016

    FMLA or the Family Medical Leave Act was put into place for employees to be able to take care of themselves or ailing family members without facing repercussions from their employers. It has been a godsend to those who have truly needed it. However, there … Read More »

    HR Sticklers Lead to Stories

    Posted by Mary McGinley on November 11, 2016

    A benefits package can be important to any new hire or potential employee you are trying to work for you. Unfortunately, problems can arise for workers and their families over things such as insurance. According to a recent story in Computer World,a worker who had … Read More »

    Lack of Logged Hours Poses Problems for New Overtime Rules

    Posted by Mary McGinley on September 30, 2016

    The deadline for the Department of Labor’s overtime exemption rule is coming up quickly. There is still a question as to whether or not companies and their HR departments will be ready for the change. In a recent survey of 27,0000 employees, 36% of those … Read More »

    Are You Using the Best Benefit Management Services for Your Business?

    Posted by Layne Davlin on February 16, 2015
    benefit management services

    Do you take full advantage of benefit management services? Benefit management services help you provide the very best extras to your employees at the lowest cost. However, the impact of doing so can be significant. The right provider will help you make the most of … Read More »

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