Bosses, Stop Taking Credit For Your Subordinate’s Work!

Posted October 19, 2018 by Mary McGinley

The problem of bosses or superiors taking credit for the work of their subordinates or teams is far more common than many would think. There are few things worse for workers than to have come up with a solution to a problem or submit an idea on how to do things more effectively and then have someone else take the credit for it.

According to an infographic which appeared on the Human Resources Online website compiled by Bamboo Resources, 44% of workers leave the job due to bad bosses. That means that two out of five workers who leave their place because of their supervisor or team lead.

While some 17% of respondents of the survey said they quit because a boss took credit for the work of others, the most cited reason for leaving was management style (37%).  Managers with bad tempers, condescending attitudes, or who engage in inappropriate or harassing behaviors can also drive workers out the door in search of a better work environment.

The survey also found that male supervisors were more likely to engage in behavior that workers tended to dislike than supervisors who are women. Having a supervisor or boss that focus on worker strengths rather than weaknesses or who tend to trust and empower subordinates or one who doesn’t take credit for the work of others is an ideal that workers across the board seem to be looking for.