HR Mistakes from Startups

Posted May 8, 2016 by Mary McGinley

The key to success for any company, whether they have been in business for a while or are a brand new startup is having the right people in place. There are several HR mistakes that new startup companies are more likely to make that can end up being a real headache for your company. Here are some of the most egregious mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Waiting until the last minute to hire

Having impeccable timing can make all of the difference between making a successful hire and failing in the attempt. When you need the right person, that timing can be critical. However, for new startups,, who are usually more cash-strapped along with being inexperienced, waiting until the last minute, or when you are knee deep and overwhelmed with work can be disastrous.

You want your customers and your investors to know you’re ready, willing and able to meet their needs. To make sure that you’re ready, meet with the team leads of your departments such as IT or product development, sales, and try to do it at least three months before you anticipate a real uptake in your business.

Ask yourselves where your company’s stress points are when meeting deadlines. How much time will it take to get new hires up to speed in order to help you meet your company’s needs? Make use not only of HR firms who can pre-screen candidates for your company, but also online resources such as LinkedIn, and other sites that can help you meet your needs. Using these areas of social media and networking can greatly increase your success in finding the right person.

2. Not having a clear map to getting a new hire on board

Your newly hired recruit wants to be there to help. They need to feel like they are a part of a team. Getting them up to speed rather than making them feel like a fifth wheel can be a challenge when your team is scurrying in every direction or too plugged into their own laptops and projects to even be of help.

Have your new hire meet with their team lead for a lunch or coffee so that they feel included from the get go. This kind of outgoing initiative on your part is sure to make them feel more integrated and can make all the difference in whether they feel engaged and ready to be a part of what you are creating. Make sure their IT an account, phone and everything is set up in advance so valuable time isn’t wasted waiting for access to begin their work. Be sure to walk them through their day to day tasks and have a go-to person there to explain if they have questions about anything.

Everyone wants to feel useful and valued at work. Statistics have shown that many businesses end up wasting money on unsuccessful hires because they just don’t understand their jobs or because onboarding and training for the new hire was inadequate.

3. Not having a clear idea of who the manager is

There are a lot of new ways of doing business these days where managers are in the fray alongside every other worker and it’s hard to discern just who is who. That kind of arrangement doesn’t work in every company – or even very often. In order for employees to best function, they need to know that they are progressing in their jobs.

It should be clear who directly reports to whom and communication should be the key to those relationships. With good communications, it makes those annual employee reviews far less stressful and is more successful in going over the triumphs and the hard lessons learned on the job. Such communication can also go a long way to help a new hire see what it is you and your company are trying to accomplish and their place in the company fold.

At EinsteinHR, we know that it’s important that your company find the right candidate to fill the job. That’s why we will be there to help you find the best candidate and help you in writing your job advertisements, as well as reviewing qualified candidates in a timely manner. We know how to attract the right people and can help you get them in place as soon as possible.

Hiring a qualified candidate is an investment of both time and money. We can help ensure that you get the most for your money and improve your chances of getting just the right candidate for the job. Contact us today at 770-962-1700 to find out how we can help.