AI Recruitment Tools Are Becoming More Common To Save Time

Posted November 16, 2018 by Mary McGinley

A chief challenge for companies today is to find the right candidate for a job. According to a recent article appearing on the Raconteur website, Jeffery Ng, chief scientist, says that more and more HR professionals are turning to artificial intelligence or AI.

Researchers have indicated that many recruiters spend 79% of their time sifting through the paperwork for various candidates. AI is a way to help lessen the amount of time spent on tasks that were largely performed manually as well as the means to narrow possible candidates for a specific position. “Until recently, it used to take weeks and months to build a long list of prospective employees; now it takes minutes, if not seconds”, Ng said.

While there have been some fears expressed at AI doing away with some human workers, those HR professionals who know how to use the new AI technologies are in demand. These efficiencies can help organizations better utilize the data at a pace that is more able to keep up with competitive markets and innovation.

Clare Barclay, the chief operating officer of Microsoft UK, asserts that companies and HR professionals that do not embrace increased data literacy will end up hurting their businesses. According to a study done by Microsoft UK, 6 9% of HR professionals believe that AI can help them perform routine tasks and make it possible for them to focus on improving on supporting and empowering the workers within their organizations.