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Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Atlanta, Georgia

Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Atlanta, Georgia

There are many reasons to start a business. You may have done it to chase a dream, to bring an idea to market, to change the world or simply to make a better future for your family. You didn’t start it to do payroll, accounting, and taxes for your employees’ paychecks. That’s why you need an Atlanta small business payroll provider.

Atlanta’s payroll rules are complex. As you grow your business, you find yourself with more employees and more unexpected paperwork. The added complexity means hours spent on administrative duties like payroll—and more risk. Any small mistake in payroll withholding, taxes or fair labor rules can mean costly penalties. That’s what makes a payroll company so valuable. They can step in at any level, from completely outsourcing your payroll to providing you with the tools to do it right on your own.

Einstein HR has decades of experience handling payroll for small businesses. We can create payroll solutions that meet your needs, on a budget that feels right. Let us give you a free quote. Contact us and get your quote today.

What payroll services does Einstein HR provide for small businesses?

At Einstein, we allow you to choose the level of Atlanta HR outsourcing you want to do, from streamlining your process with web-based tools, to handling 100% of payroll for you or anywhere in between. Our services include:

  • Full payroll administration services. No matter what your payroll needs, we can handle them. We offer comprehensive payroll services including traditional or online payroll entry, detailed payroll reporting, time off management, new hire reporting, direct deposit, certified payrolls, branded paychecks, digital signatures, and more. We support even the most complicated payrolls including child support, wage garnishment or third party checks. All of our payroll processing options include unlimited earnings and payroll tax deductions.
  • Payroll tax payment. Compliance with tax law is one of the most difficult aspects of payroll for most small businesses. We can keep you in compliance with state and federal laws, and full support for year-end payroll services. We will process and send out your W-2s and 1099s and ensure that everything is correct—before you or your employee need to file. We also offer full support for unemployment tax.
  • Easy DIY payroll entry. What if you want to enter your payroll yourself, but have everything processed for you? We make it easy with Einstein HR Connection, our onsite payroll software. With Einstein HR Connect, you can enter payroll information wherever you are—at your desk, at home, or on your laptop—and we’ll take care of the rest. All you do is enter the information, check it over, and submit it. We can either print your checks and reports for you, or process them for printing right there in your office.
  • Employee self-service (ESS). ESS portals allow employees to track their own time, manage their own questions and get answers when they need them. The Einstein HR Online ESS allows each staff member to access any information they need: how much paid time off they’ve accrued, how many vacation or sick days they’ve used, digital paycheck stubs, current W-2 forms, or how many hours they’ve logged. You can even create employee manuals. On the management side, you can create checklists for managers to follow or quickly pull up current data on any worker. It will revolutionize your HR practice.
  • Complete web based payroll services. You can use the Einstein HR Online portal for a lot more than just tracking numbers. Anytime you need to update employee information, Einstein’s automated templates will make the job easy. Add new employees, process terminations or update employee information in seconds.

Can I customize my payroll solutions?

Yes. At Einstein HR, we realize that every small business has different payroll needs. When you call us, the first thing we will do is sit down with you and ask you about your business. We want to identify the areas that are consuming the most time and resources with your current payroll process—so that we can fix them.

We consider factors such as:

  • The size of your business
  • Your industry and how your pay structure works
  • Your current payroll process
  • What, if any, payroll software you currently use

We will work with you to develop a payroll program that works for you. We can give you a free quote on your first call with us. We can also take over from a previous payroll management company—we often step in when another payroll provider doesn’t live up to their promise.

What kind of small businesses does Einstein work with?

Einstein HR has years of payroll processing experience across nearly all industries. Our clients have anywhere from just a few paid employees to hundreds of staff members. We work with white collar and blue collar operations. (We are also an Atlanta PEO company which can provide more HR outsourcing options in addition to payroll.)

We can manage any payroll including:

  • Restaurants and businesses where staff receive tips
  • Sales teams and bonuses or commissions
  • Multi-department businesses that need job costing and labor distribution reports
  • Employees who have variable rates of pay
  • Companies that use a mix of contractors and employees

Can a small business afford to outsource payroll?

We believe that payroll outsourcing should make a company leaner and more profitable. Our goal is to make professional payroll management services accessible to any business, regardless of size or budget. If you have employees, then you have a need for a payroll professional.

There are three ways that Einstein HR helps save you money:

  1. Eliminating the need to hire a dedicated HR staff member
  2. Streamlining your administrative so you can grow your business
  3. Managing liability and compliance so that you have minimum risk for government penalties

What makes Einstein HR different from other Atlanta payroll services?

The way you find out whether an employee is doing a good job is by giving them an evaluation. We want to be your best employee. We ask our clients to give us satisfaction reviews, and we grade ourselves on two factors: the scores you give us, and our client retention rate. These two numbers are our guiding lights to help us deliver the best service possible. We won’t give you anything less.

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