3 Surprising Ways Human Resources Management Assists in Employee Recruiting

Posted February 24, 2014 by Layne Davlin
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Stop being the tortoise! Human resources management makes hiring quick, simple and successful.

If you’re unsure of your hiring skills or have struggled to replace important people, consider outsourcing your human resources management. The promise of skilled talent in recruiting can’t be overlooked. These are the people who select the movers and shakers of your company’s future – or who, too often, leave you with mediocre staffers who struggle to reach your goals. Hiring this job out to a specialist team with the right tools to find your ideal candidates will open the door to an invigorating future.

How can you be sure? Consider these surprising facts about today’s recruitment teams:

1.    They have the tools needed for a bright future.

Today’s buzzword is “big data,” and it’s as useful in deciding who to hire as it is in determining what projects they work on. By pooling information on your current and past employees, recruiting software can create profiles of the best possible candidates for your open jobs.

Cluster analysis can be used to identify the education, experience and personality traits akin to your company’s best and brightest. Instead of a hiring manager assuming someone needs a master’s degree to really do a job well, the data can set those parameters for you. Fortunately, it can’t be swayed by personal experience or alma mater.

2.    They can expedite the process.

Having the right tools in place and dedicating all their time to one job means the hiring process should go much faster than when handled in-house. This is especially important in today’s market. Experts point to a new “72 hour rule” in many sectors. Once the time from candidate contact to hiring surpasses three days, employers see a significant drop in retention and employee-employer satisfaction.

It’s not hard to see why. Businesses today can be painfully slow in scheduling interviews and settle for a process that’s extremely disorganized. A candidate may be expected to come back two or three times or more after completing a phone and video interview. These businesses don’t realize they’re running off top talent by taking their time for granted. Who is left to hire, but second- or third-tier workers and those who are just plain desperate for a job? Desperation can get you through the process, but mistreatment will make you unhappy regardless of where you end up.

3.    They know which questions to ask.

Many company hiring managers have no specific training. They’re selected because they’re good at their own jobs, or because they’re available to do the work. In these situations, it’s no wonder some companies suffer from chronic turnover.

A special human resources management team knows behavioral questions make or break candidates. They know cluster interviews are important in determining cultural fit. They know what is going to meet your needs, as well as the needs of the candidate, ensuring these placements will last.

Whether you’re too busy to bother with hiring or the process leaves a bad taste in your mouth, consider outsourcing the job to a specialist team. It allows you to focus, while giving you the benefits of special skills and technology during your next phase in recruitment.

Contact a human resources management team with your hiring questions.