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What Are PEO Sales?

What Are PEO Sales?


PEO sale is industry shorthand for a PEO Sales Executive or PEO Sales Consultant, the person in charge of selling a PEO’s services and making sure that clients’ needs are met. In many ways, this position is similar to an account manager, but because most clients are C-suite at growing businesses, it requires a strong background in business (and often, executive experience).

If you own a business and are considering hiring a PEO, you can tell a lot about your prospective PEO from the type of sales executive they work with. For example:

  • Does the PEO sales executive have business leadership experience?
    PEOs do not offer small, one-off services. Their job involves managing virtually all human resources and regulatory compliance work for your organization. The expectation is that if the PEO does its job well, the relationship will continue for years. This means that the person the PEO entrusts to build that relationship with you must be more than a salesman. They should understand both the PEO industry, your own industry, and the specific hurdles that a growing company faces. Ideally, they have managed businesses before and can see the arrangement from your point of view.
  • Does this individual manage accounts, or only acquire them?
    If your PEO is going to be your partner for years to come, you need to know you can count on them to continue to prioritize your needs long after they close the sale. It’s usually a good sign when the same sales executive who pitched you in the first place will continue to be your point of contact in the future, or when the PEO’s founder or executive team will be. This shows that there will be accountability—you are not being handed off to a less motivates service team, but handled personally by someone with a financial motive to make sure you are satisfied.
  • Are they able to speak in terms of your company’s needs, and how their service will meet them?
    Most PEO sales executives do their own research and create their own proposals. This gives them leeway in choosing which services they offer you, and in responding to your business’s needs. They should make use of the freedom, listening to your company’s specific growing pains and working with you to build solutions. If they seem intent on pitching a canned product, or they don’t seem to listen to your pain points, you have the wrong PEO.

More than anything, a PEO sales executive’s job is to build a relationship and help you solve problems for your business. At Einstein HR, this is our approach to each potential client.

Do you need better HR—at a lower cost? We’ll give you a free consultation and help you develop a customized human resources, payroll or PEO service to fit your needs. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get a free consultation today.

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