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Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Utah

Small Business Payroll Company Servicing Utah

No one starts a business so they can spend their time doing paperwork. Unfortunately, any small business owner knows that admin work can suck up your time—especially payroll. Payroll can bog you down and take you away from the work you should be doing to grow your business. That’s why you need a Utah small business payroll service.

Utah’s payroll regulations are complicated and fraught with potential errors. Simply keeping on top of the constant changes in labor laws, tax laws and other regulations is a full time job in itself. And as your business expands, so does the complexity of your payroll. A payroll provider can take this work off your plate and handle every aspect or payroll from entry to direct deposit. Or, they can simply provide you and your team with the tools you need to simplify the process and avoid mistakes.

Einstein HR has over 30 years’ experience in the payroll and HR outsourcing industry. We have provided payroll support to small businesses of all kinds, and we can evaluate your payroll process to suggest cost-effective improvements that save you time. Let us show you what we can do for your business. Simply fill out the form to the right or contact us so that we can discuss your business needs and give you a free quote.

How can a payroll service help my Utah small business?

The two biggest assets you have as a small business owner are your reputation and your time. But struggling to do all the payroll and admin duties yourself means you’re risking both: you’re throwing away time on non-critical tasks and risking mistakes that could end up carrying liability, fines or both. A payroll company takes the most complicated aspects of payroll and compliance off your hands, making sure they get done professionally every time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • 100% compliance with all state and federal laws
  • Built-in risk mitigation against expensive grievances and claims
  • A smooth, high-functioning payroll
  • Complete accountability from your payroll provider

What services can a Utah payroll company offer?

Einstein HR is a one stop shop for all your payroll needs. We let you choose the services you need, including:

  • Managing time off accrual & reporting
  • Complete local, state and federal tax withholding support
  • Direct deposit for employees and contractors
  • Branded paychecks
  • Digital pay stubs
  • Certified payrolls
  • Union dues
  • Child support
  • Garnished wages
  • Deductions for workers comp
  • Support with unemployment claims
  • COBRA and continuation of benefits, employee termination support
  • Contractor/1099 employee pay

Can I customize the payroll services I use?

Yes. We believe that every small business has unique payroll needs, and we work together with you to set up solutions that work. If you like, you can choose to outsource only the most difficult aspects of the process, or to use tools that we provide to handle your payroll more efficiently on your own. Or, you can outsource the entire payroll process to us. (We are also a Utah PEO company.)

When you contact us, we will sit down with you to help you identify the trouble spots in your payroll process and offer flexible, targeted solutions. Some of the factors we use to help you customize your payroll service include:

  • What payroll software you currently use, if any
  • The size of your business and your current or expected rate of growth
  • Your industry and how your pay structure works
  • The processes you already have in place for your payroll

What kinds of small businesses does Einstein work with in Utah?

We have experience working with businesses of all kinds, from small companies with less than 10 employees to large ones with 100 employees or more. The most important difference we’ve seen is that small business typically have one or two pain points they need solved with their payroll process, and we are willing to work within your budget to do so.

Some of the small business situations where we’ve helped streamline payroll include:

  • Restaurant/hospitality businesses where staff receive tips
  • Companies with multiple departments or locations that need job costing and labor distribution reports
  • Sales staff with bonuses and commissions
  • Companies that use a mix of contractors and employees
  • Employees with variable rates of pay

We have also stepped in and taken over in cases where a previous payroll provider failed to live up to their promises. We’ve built our business on putting service first and making it as easy as possible for our clients to run their business.

How can a small business like mine afford a payroll company?

At Einstein, we believe that your payroll provider should help you save money. We can help you do that in three ways:

  1. Eliminating the need to hire an HR staff member for your business
  2. Providing simple, intuitive payroll software so you can do your own payroll with confidence
  3. Helping you achieve compliance and reduce risk of fines or penalties from the government

Additionally, we’re happy to work on an a la carte basis, so you pay only for the services you truly need.

What makes Einstein different from other Utah payroll service providers?

Our goal is to be your best employee. That’s why we ask our clients to evaluate our performance on an ongoing basis. We look at the scores you give us and our customer retention rate and use them to constantly improve the level of service and value we deliver. We believe it’s this focus on service that has made us so successful as a small business payroll provider.

Simplify Your Payroll Today

Your job is to grow a successful company. Our job is to make your job easier. Einstein HR offers industry-leading payroll tools and impeccable service to our clients. Let us give you a free quote. Simply fill out the form to the right or contact us us and get your free quote today.

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Learn How You Can Start Saving Money On Payroll and HR With A FREE Quote!