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Utah PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in Utah

Utah PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in Utah

Every business leader knows that high-performing employees are hard to come by, and that one of the best ways to attract them is by offering top benefits. Unfortunately, great benefits packages can be expensive and complex, especially for a growing organization—but they don’t have to be. A Utah PEO can help.

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. PEOs operate as if they are an arm of your own organization, helping you gain access to the highest quality employee benefits at dramatically lower costs. Your PEO can also deliver HR services and help you cut costs, reduce risk and improve employee performance.

Key benefits of PEOs include:

  • Attract great new hires with top level benefits
  • Reduce costs of benefit packages & administration
  • Lower staff turnover rates
  • An experienced, full-service HR department—without new hires
  • Total compliance with Obamacare and other regulations

Einstein HR is a leading PEO with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Let us show you how we can revolutionize your company. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get your free quote today.

How does a PEO work in Utah?

Your PEO will partner with your organization under an arrangement called co-employment. Co-employment means that you remain separate entities but, for certain purposes, your PEO acts as if it is your staff’s employer. Since PEOs typically co-employ with a large number of businesses, you now have the bargaining power and the clout of a substantially larger organization, giving you access to Fortune 100 benefits at prices any business can afford. You also get the advantages of having access to a seasoned, professional HR team.

Under co-employment, you and your business keep all the power and continue to direct your employees. The PEO simply provides access to better rates on benefits packages, and acts as your HR department where you see fit.

What is the difference between a PEO and human resources outsourcing (HRO)?

PEOs are a much more powerful arrangement. With human resources outsourcing, you are essentially bringing in a contractor who can help with specific duties but remains separate from your organization. That allows them to be very useful, but it does not give them the power to co-employ or represent you to get discounted benefits. Likewise, they have limitations in handling employee grievances and claims.

A PEO doesn’t face these limits. Since they technically co-employ your staff, they can act on your behalf in disputes and they can bring you into their networks of benefits. This one difference can radically change your bottom line and make you more competitive in recruiting and keeping top talent—in addition to all the services an HRO provides.

How does co-employment work in Utah?

Co-employment is a legal arrangement that you can end at any time. It gives both parties very clear roles:

  • You’re the executive. You and your leadership team continue to set company strategy, manage employees and decide how staff will use their time.
  • The PEO does the administrative work. Most PEOs can take over payroll, benefits administration and other human resources tasks. Einstein also offers high-value services like training, results-oriented employee performance evaluations, recruiting, even risk mitigation. Best of all, as your PEO we can handle costly employee disputes for you, helping resolve them in the most cost-effective way.

What services can I expect from a Utah PEO?

At Einstein, we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for your HR needs. Our services include:

  • Benefits programs. Now you can offer robust health, dental and vision benefits at lower cost to your organization. We can help you add a wide selection of perks, from gym discounts and flex spending to retirement accounts, employee support and more.
  • Benefits administration. Administering a benefits program can be complicated and prone to errors, especially for inexperienced employees. Einstein provides experienced professionals who can manage all aspects of your program, including employee questions.
  • Obamacare/ACA compliance. All employers are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and many still have not developed a clean system for ensuring compliance. Don’t let your business struggle. Einstein can manage your ACA responsibilities and make sure you are 100% compliant.
  • We can handle payroll entry and processing, offer improved payroll software and streamlined the process.
  • Claim and dispute resolution.
  • Any claim or grievance against your company can be costly and damaging. We can handle unemployment claims, support worker’s comp claims and even help respond to allegations of discrimination or harassment. We will also work with you to reduce the occurrence of these claims in the first place by setting up policies and strategies that keep risk to a minimum.
  • Hiring & recruiting support. We offer full recruiting services including screening, headhunting, interview support and training and onboarding services.

A PEO gives you the ultimate advantage: a comprehensive, experienced group of professionals managing your back-of-house so that you can focus on leading your business.

What kinds of companies use PEOs in Utah?

Virtually every industry uses PEOs, and we can help organizations of all sizes. Our clients include:

  • Small businesses with less than 10 employees
  • Medium businesses with 10-100 employees
  • Large companies with hundreds of employees
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Startups

What makes Einstein HR different from other PEOs in Utah?

We founded Einstein HR after decades of working in the PEO and HRO industries. In that time we saw a recurring problem: HR companies that made big promises and then failed to live up to them. Most of these companies had all of the technical skills and experience to do a good job, but lacked the customer service to truly deliver. We saw a need for a responsive PEO driven by performance, results, and making the client happy.

Today, Einstein HR has filled that need. We use client evaluations and our retention rate to constantly calibrate our services and make sure we’re doing everything possible for you. We believe this is what has made us so successful as a PEO.

Start Offering Better Benefits Today

Einstein HR has just one job: to make your business run better. Let us help you get the benefits and HR support you need. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get a free quote today.

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