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Data Collection

Data Collection

Automated Data Collection

Successful workforce management relies on collecting information directly from employees in a timely and accurate manner. Automating both the capture and collection process ensures that employee data is efficiently acquired in an accurate and secure environment.

Traditional employee tracking software systems catered to a workplace with only hourly employees who used badges to record their time. Many companies are now interested in collecting data and information for salaried or professional workers. With EinsteinHR’s employee tracking software solutions, you can collect data for any type of employee.

EinsteinHR offers a wide array of data collection and communications methods. You can even mix and match options to suit your environment, your data collection requirements, and the types of employees that will be using the system.

Badge Terminal Time Tracking Software

Simple, Reliable, Programmable

EinsteinHR’s badge terminals are long-lasting, reliable, and expandable, with a low cost of ownership. Suitable for small ventures as well as the enterprise, these terminals work seamlessly with other EinsteinHR data collection devices.

Why use EinsteinHR’s badge terminals? They:

  • Record time and attendance data when an employee swipes a badge or enters a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad. Employees may use the badge terminals to transfer from one department to another, or from one job to another ensuring accurate transfer of labor charges and transition of labor rates.
  • Provide editing capabilities that enable supervisors to immediately correct punches directly from the unit. They operate off-line, freeing the host system for other applications. At regularly programmed intervals, the host unit automatically polls the terminals and transfers the stored data for processing.
  • Help eliminate costly, unplanned overtime by being programmed to accept only authorized or scheduled employee punches. They can also limit access to secured work areas. When equipped with a printer, they can generate copies of entries for employees and reports for supervisors.

Biometric Time Attendance

Biometric is the new standard in employee data collection devices. Badges and passwords can be lost or forgotten, but EinsteinHR’s biometric units verify an employee’s identity based on the unique size and shape of their hand or iris color.

Finger Print & HandPunch Terminal
This state-of-the-art data collection device involves an investment similar to that required by traditional badge swipe devices. Yet, the length of time required for you to recover your investment is significantly reduced, because biometric devices eliminate buddy-punching.

Iris Recognition Technology
Iris recognition is the new generation of biometric data collection solutions. The Iris Recognition Technology is ideally suited for environments that require a higher level of protection against buddy punching, access control and overall security. The system-reporting tools that Iris Recognition provides can be used to set parameters that eliminate unauthorized early-in and late-out punches. The system can not only be used to clock in and out, but can also be used to monitor employee movements within the facility in a multi-facility environment. In construction, there’s an added benefit of ensuring only authorized workers show up on the jobsite, enhancing security, particularly on government construction jobs. It also manages liability as construction management is assured that the worker performing duties is the one authenticated to be on the jobsite and trained in those precise duties.

Web Based Employee Time Clock Software

eWebclock Application
Harness the power of your local network or the Internet to gather clock in/out transactions and distribute valuable time-related information.

Why use EinsteinHR’s WebClock?
Fast deployment time and low cost of ownership: EHR WebClock involves a single server installation, eliminating the need for multiple client installations. Maintaining and upgrading WebClock is fast and easy. Everything is done from the server, so updates are available to all employees instantly.

How does EHR WebClock work?
Employees clock in and out using a standard Internet browser, reducing the need for expensive training. The time it takes to get you up and running is drastically minimized with a EHR WebClock implementation. Employees can check their own work hours, schedules, and benefit accruals – without asking a payroll or human resources clerk for assistance.

PC Based Employee Time Clock Software

PC-Based Time Clock

A work station, terminal or PC can become a high-tech time clock, and much more, with EinsteinHR’s PC Clock. PC Clock makes it easy to gather time from thousands of users in every corner of your enterprise, either across the building or across the country. PC Clock is perfect in situations where hardware data collection systems can’t be cost-justified, or where hardware time clocks don’t match into your organization’s environment.

PC Clock has all the conventional features of a regular stationary time clock, but with the ability to post data right into HourTrack by calculating hours worked and overtime. PC Clock is an easy-to-use program that tracks all of your employee’s hours – right down to the minute – for payroll calculations. At the end of the pay period, each employee or administrator can print a report, which totals each day’s hours and details each day’s arrivals and departures. In addition, employees can access current information including: time card, paid hours to date; schedule; future schedule changes (i.e. vacations/business trips/early arrivals); prior period hours; view employee status board; and obtain messages.

Phone Based Attendance Timekeeping

TelePunch Telephone Server

EinsteinHR’s TelePunch solution is ideal for any business with employees who travel or work off-premises, such as sales representatives, consultants, construction workers, security personnel and other professionals with job duties that prevent them from using traditional methods of time tracking.

With a touch-tone telephone (standard or cellular) working in conjunction with EHR, employees can easily clock in and out and even track time spent on jobs or within departments. This data is stored in the central database, where it is available to Human Resource managers using EHR software.

Businesses with a large number of employees who must clock in at the same time will avoid bottlenecks by utilizing the EinsteinHR TelePunch solution’s multi-line capabilities – from 2 to 16 lines per server. The telephony server is pre-configured by EinsteinHR to seamlessly integrate with your current network, delivering easy installation and trouble-free reliability.

TAS Stand Alone

Stand-Alone Time & Attendance System

TAS is a complete and comprehensive automated time and attendance system that will simplify your payroll even if you don’t have a single PC on-site. TAS eliminates the time consuming, error-prone routines associated with manual or timecard based time and attendance systems. TAS also eliminates the recurring costs of printed timecards and ribbons that are the downfall of many other stand alone products. TASC automatically collects employee time, applies your company policies, and generates a variety of useful reports. TAS is easy to install and use. Its design makes it simple enough for non-computer-literate personnel to install, set up, and operate. TAS is perfect for smaller businesses, franchises, and large businesses with multiple locations where local control over payroll is desired.

TAS allows employees to perform all normal time clock functions (IN, OUT, and LUNCH transactions) using either the keypad or credit card style badges. In addition, the employees can record cash and charge tips, transfer departments, and optionally print their own timecards. Supervisors can print numerous reports such as: timecards, missing transactions, hours summary, department summary, and payroll reports – all directly through your existing 40 column credit card receipt printer!. TAS can also be programmed to generate these reports automatically at a designated time and day of the week or everyday. Supervisors can enter and edit employees, transactions, and category functions (sick, vacation, etc.), and set the TAS date and time. TAS maintains historical data, allowing reports to be printed for the current or previous pay periods. With TAS there are no pay period closing procedures. TAS also eliminates the time consuming set up of time cards and payroll information associated with the start of a new pay period.

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