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San Francisco PEO Company

San Francisco PEO Company

When you have started your own business, you probably have much experience and expertise in the area of your industry. However, a crucial part of operating a business (and one that is often overlooked) is providing employees with benefits packages and proper Human Resources support. You do not have to be an experienced professional in these topics to be an effective businessperson. Einstein HR can help.

Einstein HR works with companies as a PEO, or professional employer organization. PEOs come alongside businesses and help them provide the same level of employee support enjoyed by larger companies at a significantly lower cost.

Benefits of Using a San Francisco PEO Company

Using a PEO has a similar effect as outsourcing your HR needs, and Einstein HR can work in that vein as well. However, PEOs use a special legal relationship called co-employment that allows them to provide some extra benefits to your company. These services can include:

Managing Employee Benefits

When you hire a PEO, all of the employees that are connected to that PEO through other client businesses are in one large pool. This makes benefit packages less expensive for the individual employee, giving them access to a higher tier of benefits than they might otherwise experience.

Administering Payroll

Having skilled professionals manage your company’s payroll can free up your time to focus on more integral parts of your businesses, such as attracting clientele and growing your profit margin. Plus, using a PEO is often cheaper than hiring an in-house HR staff.

Dealing with Workers’ Compensation

At Einstein HR, our PEO services include handling Workers’ Compensation policies and introducing programs designed to reduce the risk of job-site injury. This can lower your overall expenses by preventing needless payouts in the future.

Handling Human Resources Admin

HR services like dealing with employee termination, maintaining records, tracking applicable wage garnishments, or producing employee handbooks can be cumbersome and difficult for business executives. Instead, PEO companies use their expertise to ensure quality on all HR needs.

Ensuring Government Compliance

In addition to the federal government and state regulations, San Francisco also requires companies to comply with a range of protocols when conducting business. Einstein HR can help your business ensure that it is in compliance with all labor laws and local regulations.

The Co-Employment Relationship

When working with a PEO like Einstein HR, you will enter into a relationship called co-employment. This is a special legal term that describes the unique way that a PEO and client business operate jointly.

Contrary to how the term may sound, co-employment does not mean that you lose control over your business or employees. Simply put, the co-employment relationship allows your employees to become “employees” of the PEO so that the PEO has the legal right to handle their payroll and benefits packages.

Co-employment agreements set forth the specific rights and responsibilities of both you (the executive or business owner) and the PEO, ensuring that risk is minimized.

Maintaining Control of Your Business

Do not worry about the co-employment relationship. You are still in control of your company and must approve the actions of the PEO. Co-employment allows you to have access to a better set of employee benefits and a stronger, more experienced HR team than hiring an in-house Human Resources department.

A San Francisco PEO Company for All Industries

Using a PEO to access cheaper, higher-quality HR services is a strategy that is available to businesses regardless of their industry. For example, Einstein HR has worked with companies in areas like:

  • Aviation
  • Broadcasting
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing

The size of your company does not prevent you from working with a PEO either. While the arrangement is especially good for smaller companies with five to 100 employees seeking the high-quality benefits of larger corporations, Einstein HR has worked with businesses with more than 500 employees as well.

We are available to help you ease the burden of HR and grow your business no matter what your business does. After all, any business can benefit from better services for lower prices.

Work with Einstein HR Today

Einstein HR was founded by human resources veterans with a decade of experience in the industry. We are dedicated to providing businesses with the highest quality of PEO and HR outsourcing services, and we use our expertise to predict and prevent any future issues to ensure your satisfaction. Our business model is to help your business model succeed.

To begin working with Einstein HR, fill out the form on our contact page. Start your relationship with our San Francisco PEO company to grow your business and provide your employees with the best HR administration around.

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