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San Francisco HR Outsourcing Company

San Francisco HR Outsourcing Company

Most business owners would rather focus on the ins and outs of their business than on tedious Human Resources paperwork and administration. The problem is that hiring a full-time, in-house HR staff is often expensive. Luckily, a better way exists.

If you are looking for quality HR services performed by professionals, you can outsource these services to Einstein HR, a San Francisco HR outsourcing company. With us, you have access to more than ten years of experience that we have accrued by performing HR outsourcing services for businesses of all sizes.

There are many reasons that companies turn to Einstein HR for help, and some of the most compelling are:

Saving Money

Rather than having to spend outrageous amounts on a permanent, salaried in-house HR staff, you can have access to the same services through Einstein HR at an exponentially lower price. Businesses often pay either as a percentage of their overall payroll budget or as a flat rate per employee, per year.

Saving Time

When you know that experienced professionals are taking care of the important HR tasks in your company, such as managing employee benefits and distributing your payroll, you can take the time you used to spend worrying about those aspects of your business and focus on growing your profit margin instead.

Lowering Risks

Having professionals with more than a decade of experience manage your HR services means that you are entrusting your business to capable hands. This helps lower the legal risks that you take, compared to performing these tasks yourself or hiring inexperienced staff to do them.

Ensuring Compliance

The federal government, the state of California, and the city and county of San Francisco have strict and complex laws surrounding businesses and labor. These can be difficult to follow, but professionals like Einstein HR are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that your business is following all the proper protocols.

Services You Can Expect From A San Francisco HR Outsourcing Company

Working with Einstein HR allows you access to a full range of services. While the best deal is to outsource the entire package of HR services you need, you also can pick and choose from our services list:

In addition to these services, we also provide our clients with state-of-the-art HR software solutions. We assist with employee termination procedures.

Your San Francisco HR outsourcing company can also help you grow your business by performing employee training exercises to increase productivity and ensure safety.

The services we provide at Einstein HR have been honed for over a decade as we have worked with businesses of all sizes—even companies with more than 500 employees.

Your Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing Your HR

As a San Francisco HR outsourcing company, Einstein HR has worked with businesses in a variety of fields. No matter what kind of business you own, outsourcing your HR services can provide a huge boost. We have worked with companies in industries like:

  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Law

Though businesses of all sizes use HR outsourcing companies, this process is especially important for smaller companies with between five and 100 employees. By outsourcing your HR needs, you can provide a larger pool of benefits to your employees for a fraction of the usual cost.

Einstein HR Also Offers PEO Services

In an effort to help companies build and strengthen their employee base, Einstein HR can provide you with professional employer organization (PEO) services. These services are designed to help you in areas such as:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance Options
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • HR Solutions

Einstein HR is an all-around HR outsourcing company in San Francisco that is here to help you build your business.

HR Outsourcing From the Experts

With the goal of saving you money and providing excellent quality, Einstein HR was founded by industry veterans who seek to increase client satisfaction. Using our decade of experience with a myriad of businesses, we work to predict your company’s needs to stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

Our HR experts can discern the areas of your business that need the most work and will provide the necessary solutions so that you can continue to rise above your competitors in the marketplace.

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