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San Diego PEO Company

San Diego PEO Company

Businesses today need to offer competitive benefits packages to attract employees. Affording the kind of benefits that you need can be prohibitively expensive. Your company can get overwhelmed by the regulations surrounding benefits management as well as compliance issues.

Larger companies can avoid many of the challenges associated with providing excellent benefits. Big companies have the funds and infrastructure to offer great packages that let them appeal to the best employees.

You don’t have to lose out to big companies. Working with a professional employer organization (PEO) in San Diego can give your business the boost it needs to get and keep skilled employees.

A PEO company works with other businesses to improve employee benefits and to lower overall costs at the same time. The benefits do not end there. PEOs can also shoulder the HR needs of your business, meaning you will not have to pay for an in-house HR department, saving both time and money.

PEOs other a number of boosts to your business. Most notably, a PEO can:

  • Provide competitive benefits.
  • Lower the costs of benefits.
  • Offer HR services.
  • Ensure compliance with HR regulations.

Einstein HR can offer you all of these services and more with our PEO support. We have decades of experience helping businesses around the country and we can give you the assistance you need right here in San Diego. We’ll provide you with advice and a free consultation.

Strengthen Your Business by Working with a PEO in San Diego

Professional employer organizations use an arrangement called co-employment to provide businesses with great benefits. The co-employment relationship means that, in some situations, the PEO will be seen as the “employer” for your employees.

You may worry that co-employment will take away your control of your company, but that won’t happen. You will always be in charge of your business. You will get to make all your decisions, including who to hire and who to fire. PEOs simply deal with issues related to the human resources department and benefits management.

San Diego human resources (HR) outsourcing companies offer many of the same services as a PEO company. Some companies choose HR outsourcing over a PEO because the HR company will remain a separate entity. However, this means you only receive HR administrative services. You cannot take advantage of better, less expensive benefits with HR outsourcing.

Your business can draw on more comprehensive services with a PEO. PEOs utilize a benefits network that you can take advantage of because you will be considered a singular business entity. You can also count on the superior bargaining power of a SEO to get great rates for employee benefits.

Take Advantage of Co-Employment

Co-employment offers your business the chance to expand through unique benefits. You can only take advantage of this relationship by working with a PEO. Companies that set up co-employment will use two roles:

The Executive

The owner of a business serves as the executive in co-employment relationships. You will remain the primary employer for your workers and you still get to make all final decisions. You won’t lose control over your company by working with a PEO.


Co-employment allows the PEO to handle certain delegated tasks related to your human resources need. You must approve the actions of the PEO. The PEO will also provide you with access to superior employee benefits.

Focus on Growth with a PEO Company in San Diego

PEO companies can handle all of the duties that you would expect from an HR department. Co-employment means the PEO can also handle issues with insurance companies. Your company can count on the following services if you work with a PEO company:

  • Employee Evaluation
  • Strategic Development
  • HR Support and Claim Resolution
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance
  • Payroll and Benefits Management

You can also rely on PEOs to professionally address any compliance issues related to human resources regulations. Getting any problems addressed quickly can lower your liability in the business world, saving you more money.

PEOs Can Help Any Business

The unique benefits offered by PEOs can strengthen any small or medium sized business. You can get great benefits if your company only employs a few workers, or if you have more than 500 individuals on your payroll.

Companies in any field can get the help they need from a PEO. Einstein HR has successfully helped businesses in the following industries and many more:

  • Aviation
  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Broadcasting

Einstein HR can offer you the aid you need if you’re just getting started or if your business is well established. We can help you if you own a small local company or a multinational organization. We even have services that can help nonprofits. We’re here to support you no matter how you define your company.

Team Up with an Outstanding SEO Company

PEO companies must have experience, skills, and know-how to provide you with the services you need. Einstein HR has spent decades building our abilities to better serve you. We’ll take on your HR needs, provide you with excellent benefits, and do it all with solid customer service.

Einstein HR focuses on adapting to the needs of the businesses we work with. We understand how to save you money to help you stay at the top of the business world. Let us work on anticipating what you need and solving any problems before you ever have to worry about them.

Work with a SEO Company in San Diego and Grow Your Business

Strengthening your business is a priority for Einstein HR. We can provide you with top of the line benefits at affordable prices with our SEO services in San Diego. Let us help you attract the best employees so your company can keep growing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. Fill out the online form on the right so we can get to work right away.

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