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New Jersey PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in New Jersey

New Jersey PEO Company | Professional Employer Organization in New Jersey

Your business deserves the best employees and they deserve the best benefits. But offering competitive benefits is expensive, and managing benefits packages comes with complexity and thorny compliance questions. It’s easy to fall behind rival companies—which means losing out on attracting and retaining the top talent. That’s where a New Jersey PEO can help.

A PEO or professional employer organization is a partner that can help you provide better benefits to your employees at a lower cost, without an administrative headache. It’s an alliance that helps you leverage the same discounts enjoyed by much larger organizations with thousands of employees. In short, it gives you access to Fortune 100 benefits no matter what the size of your organization.

Advantages of a PEO include:

  • Attract the best new hires with unbeatable health and benefits packages
  • Reduce the costs of your benefits program
  • Enjoy comprehensive HR services without the cost of full-time HR staff
  • Ensure total compliance with the Affordable Care Act and other government regulations

Einstein HR comes with 30 years of experience in the human resources outsourcing and PEO industries. We have built our reputation as a leading NJ PEO by delivering not just savings and results, but service. Let us help you assess whether a PEO would reduce your costs, and give you a free quote. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get your free quote today.

What is a PEO?

PEOs are set up to provide your business with a unique partnership known as co-employment. Under co-employment, both your company and the PEO are considered to employe your staff for certain legal purposes. This leaves control over your staff to you, but gives the PEO the power to represent you to benefits networks and handle HR disputes and other potential liabilities. Most powerfully, because PEOs represent so many employees, your business suddenly has the bargaining clout of a much larger organization. This means you could qualify for the best rates the market can offer on health insurance, dental, vision and other employee benefits.

In many ways, a PEO takes the concept of a human resources outsourcing partner and pushes it to deliver the most value possible. While a normal HR provider may take over some administrative work, without co-employment they lack the bargaining power to win you large discounts on your benefits. Similarly, a normal HR partner does not legally employ your workers and does not have the same authority to resolve disputes. A PEO does it all.

What are the advantages of a co-employment agreement?

Co-employment gives each party a specific role:

  • You remain in charge. You are the executive in the relationship. Your employees remain under your direct control, and you direct the PEO to work on your behalf. Your employees’ relationship to you does not change.
  • Your PEO shoulders the administrative burden. Besides representing you for benefits purposes, your PEO can perform HR duties as you prefer—at both a strategic level and for routine tasks. This can include payroll, benefits administration, hiring support, even risk management. A good PEO not only saves you money, but decreases staff turnover rate.

What can a New Jersey PEO do for my company?

A PEO comes with a crew of HR experts. There’s no longer any need to juggle multiple insurance networks and HR providers, nor for the cost of hiring HR staff. Your PEO can provide comprehensive support, including:

  • Benefits and benefits management. You can finally offer your staff the level of health care, dental care, flex spending, retirement savings and other benefits that you want. In addition to negotiating better prices for these benefits, your PEO has the capability to fully administer your benefits system.
  • ACA/Obamacare compliance. The Affordable Care Act has made healthcare compliance extremely complicated, but PEOs handle compliance on a routine basis.
  • Payroll management. Payroll is a time-consuming administrative process fraught with potential errors. With full support for digital W2s, direct deposits, online pay stubs and instant reports, your PEO can make it run smoothly.
  • Claims and disputes resolution. Whether it’s wrongful termination, workers comp or worker complaints, a PEO can handle any claims in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Recruiting & screening services. The best PEOs come with experience in recruiting, screening, and onboarding new hires and can help you fill positions with top talent as quickly as possible.
  • Strategic development. Who is the right person for your company? How do you recognize and reward high performers? A veteran PEO company draws on years of experience to help align your HR practices with your business goals.

Most importantly, your PEO helps you reduce risk. From training and safety to compliance with government regulations, a PEO can reduce the chance of costly claims and keep your company lean.

Who uses PEO services?

All kinds of companies can be found using a PEO. We have worked with:

  • Startup companies
  • Small local businesses
  • Growing/mid-size businesses
  • National brands
  • Not-for-profit organizations

We have the experience to work in industries ranging from biopharmaceuticals, transportation, manufacturing, health care and technology to retail, tourism, construction, finance and hospitality—and many other industries.

Why should I choose Einstein HR?

Einstein was founded by professionals with decades of experience in the HR and PEO fields. In that time, we’ve seen that not all PEOs deliver the same results. Often, we see PEOs who have impeccable technical expertise but lack good customer service. We realized that there is a need for service-oriented providers and we stepped in to fill it.

This philosophy governs everything we do. From the performance evaluations we ask our clients to give us, to our responsive live support team, we deliver unrivaled service.

With Einstein HR, you get:

  • Experienced HR experts
  • Savings on HR and benefits
  • Service you can trust

Start Saving Money for Your Business Today

Einstein HR exists to make your business run better. Let us show you the power of partnering with a PEO—and give you a free quote. Fill out the form to your right or contact us and get a free quote today.

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Learn How You Can Start Saving Money On Payroll and HR With A FREE Quote!