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HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Georgia

HR Outsourcing Company Servicing Georgia

The future of your company should be your biggest priority. Instead, too many business owners find themselves stuck doing administrative work—payroll, employee disputes, new hires, and dealing with unemployment claims. Don’t let your time get consumed by paperwork. Get a good Georgia HR outsourcing company to help you.

HR rules become more complex every year. When you outsource your human resources needs, you get a team of industry experts making sure that your business is in full compliance—and that the work is off your plate for good. Your HR provider can manage your payroll, handle any disputes, and even help with employee recruiting, training and retention. A good HR company won’t just save you time they will reduce risks, save you money and help keep your business running smoothly.

Einstein HR has helped businesses with HR for decades. When you call us we will help you identify your HR needs and give you a free quote. Fill out the form to the right or contact us and get your free quote today.

What can outsourcing HR do for my business?

We believe that a HR outsourcing plan should help you where your business needs it most. For many businesses this means completely outsourcing HR services over the long term. Other businesses bring us in purely to assist in-house staff during peak times or to handle specific projects.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your HR are:

  • Reducing costs. Compared to the cost of hiring new HR staff, outsourcing HR can be incredible cost-effective. It allows you to get all your human resources needs handled by professionals without the cost of full-time staff. It can also help you reduce employee turnover and save money on recruiting costs and training.
  • Ensuring compliance. Often, the biggest benefit of outsourcing your HR is simply resting easy at night. Our team helps ensure that you are 100% compliant with complex rules regarding labor, payroll, workers comp, taxes and more.
  • Mitigating risk. Risk management is a key part of intelligent HR operations, and a good HR team can help reduce the risk of injuries, discrimination claims, employee disputes and other liabilities.

What HR services does Einstein offer in Georgia?

We offer full service and a la carte HR solutions. Our services include:

  • Online HR solutions & HR software. Einstein HR Online is an all-in-one HR software program that streamlines your HR work. It helps you track all the information you need, from past performance evaluations to the number of vacation days an employee has saved up.
  • Employee self service (ESS). ESS portals have become the preferred way for managers and staff to quickly access anything they need to know. Employees can look up their own information including time sheets and past pay stubs, while managers can set up checklists and templates for common routines and pull any info they need on a staff person.
  • Payroll support. We offer on-site tools to better manage your own payroll, payroll tax support services, or full service payroll outsourcing—whichever best fits your needs.
  • Recruiting services. Having the right employees is key to your operation. At Einstein, we can help you recruit the best new talent, screen job applicants, and even onboard new employees and help with their training.
  • Performance evaluation. How much do your evaluations really help you improve performance? Einstein can help you do evaluations that get results, act on the data you have, and even coach supervisors to manage people more effectively. No matter what your industry, we will help you develop your personnel based on their strengths.
  • Termination & post-employment services. Terminating an employee is always sensitive and needs to be handled without a hitch. We make sure you are in full compliance on every termination, mitigating the risk of disputes and claims against your company. We also offer support with continuing benefits, COBRA, unemployment claims and more.
  • Benefits administration. Whether you want to seek out the best benefits at the lowest cost, or simply need a professional to manage your current benefits, Einstein has you covered.
  • 100% compliance. Companies in Georgia must comply with almost 30 different areas of regulations, including safety standards, equal opportunity employment, tax laws and more. We can help you achieve total compliance and avoid costly penalties.
  • Obamacare/Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has added new rules to an already complex healthcare benefits system. We can manage your Obamacare compliance for you.
  • Safe work environment. Achieving high safety standards means doing the right thing by your workers and reducing financial risk at the same time. Einstein is proud to offer online and in-person safety training for employees in any industry.

All of our solutions can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

What types of companies outsource HR in Georgia?

We work with companies of all sizes, including those with less than 10 employees and those with 200 or more.

Our clients include companies in many industries:

  • Retail
  • Technology/IT
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals and bioscience
  • Energy
  • Communications and broadcasting
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Law firms
  • Construction
  • Real estate

Can my business afford to outsource HR?

We work to make sure our solutions are accessible to any size business, on any budget. We firmly believe that good HR support should help reduce and control costs. Some of the ways we can help you do that include:

  • Saving money on highly competitive employee benefits
  • Reducing staff turnover rates
  • Reducing risk and liability
  • No need to hire full-time, in-house HR staff

What makes Einstein HR different from other HR outsourcing companies?

Our founders have a long history of working in the HRO and PEO industries, seeing firsthand how some HR providers do not live up to the promises they make. In many cases these providers have great HR expertise but fall short in the customer service department. We saw a need for a full service HRO with top quality service, and we created Einstein HR.

At Einstein, we have an impressive client retention rate, and we frequently take over for clients who were not happy with their past HR providers. We keep our clients happy because we constantly evaluate our own performance, grading ourselves on the scores our clients give us and working to deliver even more. Our goal is to see your needs and have them covered before you even pick up the phone to call us.

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