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What Recruiting Tools Can a PEO Offer My Business?

What Recruiting Tools Can a PEO Offer My Business?


The foundation of a successful business is the hiring of the best possible staff. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your company is in the hands of employees who are dedicated, credentialed, qualified, driven, and talented. To ensure this, you must have a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

At EinsteinHR, we work as a professional employer organization (or PEO) to handle outsourced human resources services like recruitment. Starting with the right recruitment policies enables your company to lower the risk of costly employee turnover while attracting the best talent at key positions.

EinsteinHR’s Alliance Partner

We provide client business owners with a qualified Alliance Partner who can craft top-notch recruitment strategies. When considering recruitment, it is important to work through the social media platforms, web sites, and other forums in which news of your company’s job openings can be transmitted.

Unfortunately, dealing with the high-stress ins and outs of recruitment, responding to applicants, scheduling interviews, and handling the other necessary aspects of finding top talent can be time consuming and expensive. Our Alliance Partner may be able to handle these issues to make the process more pain-free and efficient for business owners.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Finding the right candidate means ensuring that they can pass rigorous pre-employment screenings.  In fact, such screenings are necessary to prevent future expenses like negligent hire lawsuits or employee turnover issues. More than a simple background check, EinsteinHR’s screenings include the following:

  • Verification of the candidate’s identity
  • Verification of the candidate’s address
  • Verification of past employment and credentials
  • Criminal records at local, state, and federal levels
  • Civil records, including bankruptcy
  • Credit reports

Services Related to Recruitment

In addition to help with the actual recruitment process, EinsteinHR can assist client companies by making new hire onboarding smoother. One of the most important aspects of bringing new employees into the company is to help them understand the company culture, policies, and expectations of employee behavior.

We help companies develop and distribute employee handbooks and refine corporate culture to express the values of the business. This can include the vitally important sexual harassment policies necessary in the era of #MeToo.

EinsteinHR does not stop there, however. We also provide clients with employee procedure and policy handbooks and can even assist business owners in developing an active shooter protocol, if needed.

PEOs Attract Better Candidates

Some of the tools that help aid recruitment for client businesses lie in the simple fact that PEOs like EinsteinHR align with companies through the highly useful co-employment arrangement. This relationship has numerous benefits, one of which is that it can attract top talent.

PEOs and Employee Benefits

One of the chief ways that PEOs help attract better candidates is through their ability to offer better benefits. When a PEO becomes a co-employer with a client business, it can add that company’s employees into its total employee pool. Not only does this lower the individual cost of employee benefits packages, but it can result in the PEO having a better bargaining position to acquire top-tier benefits that attract top-tier job candidates.

PEOs and Risk Reduction

When a candidate applies for a job, one of the things that they are likely to consider is the long-term viability of the company. Workers tend to want job security and need to be able to trust that the company they work for is in a good economic position to succeed. This means applying to companies with low-risk profiles.

There are many ways that a PEO like EinsteinHR can help lower a company’s risk profile. Just a few ways include:

  • Updating safety protocols
  • Offering experienced, professional HR support
  • Ensuring compliance with local and federal labor laws
  • Advising business owners and employers

Lower risk profiles often mean that businesses are better able to partner with other companies, attract customers, retain employees, and experience growth.

EinsteinHR Offers Services for All Human Resources Needs

Recruitment assistance is only the tip of the iceberg of EinsteinHR’s services. Founded by veterans of the HR outsourcing industry, we can handle all of your company’s HR needs. Whether you are a business owner of a small business with ten employees or an employer of a major corporation with 500 employees, outsourcing human resources services can save you time and money.

EinsteinHR can administer payroll matters, handle employee benefits, keep your company up to date with regulations, reduce workers’ compensation claims, and more. Small business owners are especially vulnerable to the long hours necessitated by handling their own HR issues like employee wage garnishment or tracking sick days. Let EinsteinHR take on the burden instead!

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