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What Is the Function Of A Human Resources (hr) Department?

What Is the Function Of A Human Resources (hr) Department?


In a business, the human resources (or HR) department is responsible for services that directly involve the company’s employees. Examples of these kinds of services include compensation like payroll and benefits packages, harassment issues and workplace environment policies, corporate risk, recruitment, hiring and firing, and similar areas. However, in recent years the trend has been for companies to use HR outsourcing companies like Einstein HR to reduce costs and increase service quality.

In fact, statistics from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations indicate that a growing number of businesses use PEOs and HR outsourcing companies. Businesses with between 10 and 99 employees are particularly prone to outsourcing their human resources department and services, with more than 15% of that demographic currently using PEOs. These PEOs, like Einstein HR, can handle all of the human resources needs of client businesses.

Services Performed By A Human Resources Department

Many, varied services fall under the HR umbrella. At Einstein HR, our experts can help client business owners with all of those services. Alternatively, we allow businesses to select services on an a la carte basis if owners do not wish to outsource their entire human resources department. This means that no owner is forced to pay for services they do not need.

Payroll Management

One of the primary functions of an HR department is to handle payroll matters. At Einstein HR, we can assist owners by managing payroll, handling wage garnishments, withholding union dues and child support, and more. We also provide clients businesses with useful online Employee Self Service (ESS) portals so that employees can view and print off payroll and vacation time information.

Employer Risk Reduction

Having a low risk profile is important to attract investors, business partners, and clientele. Through Einstein HR’s services, a company can experience a greatly reduced risk profile. Examples of services in this category include the development of employee anti-harassment policies, distribution of employee handbooks, enhanced safety protocols, handling of workers’ compensation claims, and more.

Employee Benefits Administration

When a company has top-of-the-line employee benefits packages, it is able to attract top talent in key positions. Offering good benefits also cuts down on costly employee turnover rates. Through the co-employment arrangement, PEOs like Einstein HR can spread the cost of upper-tier benefits across a much larger employee pool and can gain a better bargaining position to secure those benefits.

Legal Compliance Services

The HR department is also tasked with ensuring that a company is compliant with federal and local labor regulations. At Einstein HR, we can provide client business owners expertise in these delicate matters, reducing the risk of costly fines or lawsuits. Instead of having to familiarize themselves with issues like the Affordable Care Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers and business owners can trust the decades of experience held by Einstein HR.

Outsourcing to Specialize

Einstein HR does not provide cookie-cutter services to companies in need of human resources. Instead, we craft the services we provide to the needs of each individual client. Since no two companies are exactly alike, no two human resources departments are going to look exactly the same. We have decades of combined industry experience and can use that expertise to conform our services to the precise needs of our clients.

Human Resources Are Necessary In Every Industry

Business of all sizes and in all industries need to have high-quality HR departments to take care of the needs of their employees. At Einstein HR, we have worked with companies across the spectrum of industries, including the following:

  • Aviation
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Construction

Additionally, our services have been used by companies with as little as five employees and by companies with more than 500 employees. There is no business too small, nor too large, to benefit from outsourcing its human resources needs.

Outsource Your HR Department Today

Outsourcing your human resources department is often much less expensive than hiring a permanent, in-house staff to perform all of the necessary HR duties. Usually, HR outsourcing companies like Einstein HR can be paid either on a flat-rate basis per employee each month or as a percentage of overall monthly payroll. A client business can choose the payment method that best suits their company’s financial situation.

To start the process of outsourcing your HR needs, get in touch with Einstein HR today. You can reach us by phone at 770-962-1700. Alternatively, you can reach us online by filling out the form on our contact page. One of our representatives will be in touch within 48 hours to provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote on our services.

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