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How Do I Write My Employee Handbook?

How Do I Write My Employee Handbook?


The skills required to handle human resources tasks like the creation of an employee handbook may not crossover to the skills that are required to start and run a business as an employer or owner. However, having a strong employee handbook is important because it explains crucial aspects of the business to employees and helps to create a positive, growth-centered company culture. Einstein HR is here to help employers learn more about the key factors that should be included in an employee handbook. Of course, we are also available to handle these kinds of tasks as an HR outsourcing company.

Things to Include in Your Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks, as well as policy and procedure manuals, typically cover a wide variety of issues. The important thing to remember when writing a handbook is that this will be your employee’s first go-to item when they have questions about aspects of their job. Anticipating the kinds of information employees will need can go a long way toward helping you write your handbook.

Information About Pay

One of the top issues for employees and prospective employees is compensation. While you do not need to include specific wages in your employee handbook, it is important to outline the maximum number of hours an employee can work without overtime pay, for example. Another issue related to compensation that you may want to cover is the day on which employees get paid (whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), so there is no confusion. In addition to helping employers craft effective employee handbooks, Einstein HR also provides payroll services that can make these issues a breeze.

Information About Benefits

Employees also need to know and understand the benefits packages that are included with their employment. For example, you should include information on the number of sick days available, paid time off, health insurance, and any other benefits that come with employment in your business. Having high-quality employee benefits packages can attract top talent into your company and can cut down on costly employee turnover rates. At Einstein HR, we work as a PEO to provide client businesses with better benefits packages at a lower individual cost.

Information About Behavioral Expectations

Your company’s code of conduct also should be included in your employee handbook. This allows employees to understand the behavior that is expected of them and protects you from lawsuits in the event of harassment or firings as a result of unacceptable conduct. Einstein HR can help business owners craft a sexual harassment policy for the #MeToo era, for example, as well as other conduct policies.

Information About Processes

Your employee handbook should include an outline of different processes that may arise in the course of a worker’s employment. For example, it is helpful to include a process for voicing concerns to upper management, a process of arbitration or mediation if there are employee disputes, and an outline of the firing process. Stating these kinds of procedures in clear, concise language can clear up any confusion and can help employees better understand the way in which the company operates.

General Tips for Writing Employee Handbooks

Writing an employee handbook is not only about including the correct information. It is also about communicating that information in an effective way that employees can understand while staying compliant with local and federal labor laws. These tips may help you draft a handbook that works for your company.

Avoid Repetition

Redundancy can muddy up your policies and make reading your employee handbook a hassle. Remember: the point of having a handbook is so that employees can understand the company’s workings and have an easy-to-use resource for their questions. Comb over your writing to make sure that you do not repeat yourself.

Get Help from Legal Experts

One of the foremost concerns when writing an employee handbook is to ensure that the policies you outline are in compliance with labor regulations. There are many different laws surrounding how employees can be treated, what kinds of behavior can be asked of them, and how benefits must be handled. To avoid running afoul of issues like the Affordable Care Act, get in touch with legal and HR experts like the ones at Einstein HR.

Open Up the Floor to Your Employees

When writing an employee handbook, it may be beneficial to get input on the final product from your employees. Ask them if they would like clarification on certain issues, or if the writing in the handbook is understandable. In this way, you can learn exactly which kinds of topics your employees have questions about, giving you a clear direction on issues to include in your handbook.

Let Einstein HR Write Your Employee Handbook

If the above tips seem like more work than you thought went into writing an employee handbook, don’t worry! Einstein HR can write handbooks, policy and procedure manuals, safety protocols, and more as part of our human resources outsourcing services. Founded by veterans of the HR industry, we have decades of experience under our belts and can put that experience to work for you.

To get your FREE, no-obligation quote on our wholesale or a la carte HR services, call us at 770-962-1700, or fill out the form on our contact page. One of our representatives will be in touch with you within 48 hours to start the process of handling your HR needs.

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